Bystanders Help Cop In Fight Against Suspect

July 1, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Bystanders Help Cop

Bystanders help cop catch a burglary suspect and video goes viral. Chris Keen, an Ohio cop was chasing and fighting a criminal named Charles Cole in East Sixth Street, Franklin, OH when to his surprise several good Samaritans jumped out of their cars to help him. Benjamin Lawson and Levi Miniard pined Charles Cole to the ground as officer Keen handcuffed him. The entire incident was caught by the officer’s cruiser cam video.

On Saturday, police officer Chris Keen pulled Charles Cole over on East Sixth Street, Franklin, OH in order to question him about a recent robbery.

Charles Cole was not going to jail without a fight. Chris Keen was forced to chase Cole in the streets and fight with him.

The cruiser cam video showed the cop punching the criminal as he tried to cuff him in vain.

The rowdy man fought back and attempted several times to flee.

When Levi Miniard, 19 who was in his mother’s truck saw the police officer struggling with Cole, he jumped down to help.

Another bystander Benjamin Lawson, 33, who saw the scene from afar also came running to help Keen.

Levi’s mom Nova Peters who was afraid of someone getting shot during the ordeal could be heard telling the suspect calm down at some point

The three men were able to apprehend the suspect who was charged with burglary and assault on a police officer before being taken to Atrium Hospital for a mental evaluation.

As for Keen he suffered minor injuries after the drama. Franklin Police Chief Russ Whitman had the following to say about the incident:

“Saturday, the citizens partnered with us in our time of need. The officer needed assistance and they didn’t think twice and came to help. When I know that my citizens have my officers’ backs, that makes me sleep very well at night.”

Whitman also stated that they are reviewing the incident to find out if Keen followed the department’s protocol.


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