Bull Shark Condo Clip Goes Viral: Close Call With Shark In Florida Caught On Video

April 17, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Bull shark, condo, only in Florida would these words be in the same sentence. A man in Bonita Springs was surprised to stumble on a 9-foot bull shark swimming in the back of his condo – so he did what any normal human being would do, he filmed it and shared the whole thing on the internet. According to the man, more sharks are swimming close to the property because fishermen have been throwing bait in the water to attract the animals.

bull shark condo

A video entitled “bull shark condo lol” has gone viral. The clip was posted on YouTube by a man living in the north end of Big Hickory Island, near Bonita Springs, Florida.

According to the description, for the past few weeks, he has been seeing bull sharks swimming in the backyard of his condo unit. The homeowner stated that earlier this week, when he spotted a nine-foot-long bull shark lurking inches away from his back door, he decided to film it and share with the rest of the world via the internet.

The 30-second clip showed the enormous bull shark roaming in the waters near the condo and even going under a deck before vanishing into the ocean. Several residents of the condos located on Hickory Boulevard have confirmed what the man said on YouTube.

Many of those residents have a theory as to why the dangerous predators began swimming up to their condos – chumming. According to several neighbors, for the past weeks, they have seen fishermen chumming, meaning throwing chum or bait-like fish parts, bone and blood into the water hoping to lure sharks.

Residents want the dangerous practice of chumming to stop, and they are asking the city for help. One person living in a condo unit where the shark was spotted said:

“We are asking the city to get involved and prohibit fishing as well as designate the area as a swimming only area.”

However, city officials have made it clear that they can not do anything. Residents have been told that in Florida, the power to regulate fishing falls to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and they are urged to contact the FWC in order to solve the matter.

Residents say that they will keep fighting in order to be safe and protect Bonita Springs.

What are your thoughts on the “bull shark condo” video?


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  1. BCHDRM says:

    You’re in their territory and not the other way around. The Bull Shark looked more like 5/6/ feet not 9. Desigante a no fishing zone is a good idea but if it doesn’t work “MOVE” animal life trumps human life in this case.

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