Buddy Valastro Arrested: Cake Boss’ Star’s Arrest For DWI Threatens Show’s Spinoff

November 13, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Buddy Valastro arrested for driving while intoxicated, story grabs headlines. Valastro of Cake Boss fame was arrested on Thursday in New York, after he was seen swerving through the lanes.

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro

Buddy Valastro arrested and charged with DWI, will a cancellation of Cake Boss follow? According to a member of the New York City Police Department, Thursday at around 1 a.m., Valastro was arrested in Manhattan.

Buddy Valastro, who is famous for appearing on TLC’s Cake Boss, was driving a 2014 yellow Corvette. Mr Valastro was witnessed swerving through the lanes between 20th and 32nd streets.

New York Police Det. Martin Speechley pulled Buddy Valastro over and he emerged from the Corvette with a very strong odor of alcohol. Once out of the vehicle, he was unsteady on his feet, his face was flushed and his eyes were bloodshot.

The officers gave Valastro several sobriety tests including a Breathalyzer test, which he failed. Buddy Valastro was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated and driving with impaired ability.

Valastro was taken into custody and is currently awaiting arraignment at Manhattan criminal court. His lawyer has no comment on the arrest.

TLC did not make a statement on Valastro’s arrest either, but rumors claim that the Cake Boss spinoff series, Buddy’s Bakery Rescue, might not get another season.

Six episodes of Buddy’s Bakery Rescue aired during the summer, in which Buddy Valastro helped struggling business owners. In 1994, after the death of his father, Buddy Valastro Sr., the pastry chef took over the family business .

In 2009, Cake Boss premiered on The Learning Channel. The series follows Valastro as he prepares extraordinary cakes at Carlo’s Bakery located in New Jersey.

Valastro, a married father-of-four, also runs bakeries in New York City’s Times Square and Las Vegas’ Venetian Hotel. The sixth season of TLC’s Cake Boss ended in February. According to NewsOxy, there was a drop in ratings this year.

Prior to his arrest, Buddy Valastro shared an Instagram picture bonding with his workers. He captioned it:

“Here In Carlos bakery Marlton and what a great reaction from the community I love this place I feel at home here @carlosbakery.”

What are your thoughts on Buddy Valastro’s arrest?


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  1. Joan Brown says:

    It will take more than a DWI for me to stop watching his show. Let’s face it, he is human. Human’s make mistakes. I hope you smiled for your mug shot at the station.

  2. brend says:

    Every time a good person behaves in a human way and makes a mistake everyone wants to cancel their shows or fire them from their pro sports team etc.I think if everyone was fired for making 1 or 2 mistakes the country would be more unemployed than it would be employed. Get a grip America. Love Buddy and wont stop by this.

  3. Rob says:

    When will retarded f*cktards celebs realize that they are NOT above the law????? I hate the show, I hate Buddy, and I don’t like the pastries they have!! I’ve visited his shop in NYC and will NEVER do it again!!!! He is arrogant, rude, mean, and abusive! I hope his show gets canned!

    • david smith says:

      everyone has skeletons in their closets

    • Farmer Smith says:

      You’re the one who sounds rude, mean and abusive here.

    • Vickie says:

      Wow, what a response! Could you elaborate as to what exactly happened when you visited his shop in NYC? Did you interact with Buddy directly and how was he rude to you? I have watched this show many, many times and he seems so different from what you describe.
      I must say, however, having been charged with a DWI will not make me stop watching any shows he may have and I feel that it is not my place to ridicule him as a person. EVERYONE makes mistakes. That is what being on this earth is all about. It is a learning experience. I am sure Buddy has learned from this error and will make sure it doesn’t happen again.
      It really is not any of our business. It is personal business. It has nothing to do with him being on TV and the bakery business. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others.

  4. mr.scott says:

    you know there are a few people who get a chance to make something of themselves and blow it.no matter if they continue to air his show or not it really shows a lack of appreciation for what he has.

  5. david smith says:

    buddy made a bad error in judgement;at least he is not a woman beater like most high profile people that get overlooked and slapped on the hand

  6. Pmax says:

    Does this mean we can bring Paula Deen back? She made a “mistake”, owned up to it, and was still punished by “morality keepers” who we know also drink, party, and absolutely “talk.” Please deliver us!

  7. Barbara says:

    He is just a regular human being. We have Senators and other government people that have quite a few DWI’s but you don’t see it all over the internet. Just saying love his show and his family and will continue to watch both..

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