Bruce Magistro wins lottery twice and plans to keep his job

May 12, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Bruce Magistro wins the lottery twice, and he is thanking his late wife for the blessing. Magistro, a construction worker from New York, who won $1 million from an Extreme Cash in 2012, scored another million with A Week for Life scratch-off ticket.

Bruce Magistro wins lottery twice

Bruce Magistro wins the lottery twice but plans to keep working. This week, Mr. Magistro entered Mike’s Super Citgo located on Sunrise Hwy, West Babylon in New York where he spent $20 on ten scratch-off tickets.

Magistro is a professional lottery player, sometimes spending up to $200 on games. The construction worker went home and the first scratch-off ticket he scratched made him an instant millionaire.

Magistro said:

“I sat on my bed and scratched the tickets, and as I was scratching it read ‘Life,’ a number, ‘Life,’ then another number, and ‘Life,’I couldn’t believe that I won.”

He added:

“It was actually the first ticket that he gave me that I won the Win For Life on.”

His son, Matthew Magistro, 17, explained:

“There was a glare on the ticket. He screamed it! I heard it in my room.”

Bruce Magistro won the lottery in 2012 – he picked up $1 million from an Extreme Cash scratch-off ticket, but the money was used to cover medical bills for his wife, Yvonne, who suffered from lung cancer. She passed away in 2014.

Matthew Magistro thinks that his mother helped his father win again. He stated:

“She passed away two years ago today, the second jackpot was her way of sending help back to the family. This is definitely a gift, from her to him,”

Believe it or not, the store where Magistro bought the ticket, Mike’s Super Citgo, is owned by the brother of the person, who sold him his first winning ticket. Mike Abizeid shared:

“I love my customers. I love to help my customers. I love to see everybody winning.”

New York Lottery representative Yolanda Vega, who gave him his prize four years ago, predicted that she would be seeing him again. Vega said:

“He was so positive and outspoken and outgoing that I knew he would win again.”

Magistro has opted to accept the prize in 20 annual installments and plans to continue working. His teenage son went on to share what will his father do with the money by saying:

“There was a lot going on with my family.He wouldn’t get much work. There’d be weeks where he’d come home with money and some with no money.He’s trying to focus on us more with it.”

Matthew also explained why his dad will not retire:

“He’s done carpentry practically his whole life.He’s very talented at it.”

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