Bruce Jenner Spanx: New Bruce Jenner Rumors Appear, Spanx Love Involved

August 27, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Bruce Jenner Spanx Pics

Bruce Jenner spanx obsession leads to wild rumors. According to a new report, reality star Bruce Jenner can not live without spanx because they make him look slimmer. The body shaper story has many wondering about the sex change operation rumors circulating on the web.

Can’t Bruce Jenner or any other man for that matter wear spanx and be left alone? Do men who love spanx have to take to the streets to be respected and treated fairly?

The latest issue of OK Magazine has a juicy item about Jenner and his love for women’s body shaper.

A close source to the Kardashian clan spoke to the mag and explained that few weeks ago, the former Olympian made the mistake of revealing one of his most embarrassing secrets to Kris Jenner.

The 64-year-old man told his wife that he is in love with spanx.

He confessed that he originally started wearing the slimming undergarment for red carpet events.

But with time he became addicted to the lean and slim appearance that the spanx gave him and decided to wear them all the time.

Not only did Kris laughed at the personal revelation, she blabbed about it to all of her daughters, reports NewsOXY.

The Jenner/Kardashian sisters found the former athlete silly for wearing something created for females and spent hours mocking him.

The magazine went on to report that Bruce was very upset when he discovered that Kris was unable to keep his secret.

He tried telling them that he only uses the spanx to flatten his beer belly, but they simply kept mocking him.

Forget about the silly spanx rumors, Mr Jenner should try to explain the long running stories about the fact that he has plans to become a woman and change his first name to Brigitte.

The reality star who is allegedly a huge fan of iconic French actress and controversial animal activist Brigitte Bardot, has already started the process to become a lady.

Adam’s apple gone, long hair checked, manicured nails checked, hours at the hair salon checked, dozens of surgeries to have more feminine facial features checked and now, spanx.

Bruce Jenner has some explaining to do or not.


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  1. Patrice Brandt says:

    His wife and her daughters are nothing but trash!! BOTTOM LINE!!!!!

  2. jbdean says:

    They have spanx for men … Not sure how wearing it would prove rumors he wants a sex change. And if he does, so what?

  3. Franck Fambadi says:

    Wow. This is incredible, this man is a legend.

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