Brandon Browner Obama Tweet Goes Viral

February 7, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Brandon Browner Obama tweet has gone viral. In 2014, Browner along with his then-Seahawks teammates were invited to the White House by Barack Obama, where the president failed to mention his name while talking about the members of the Legion of Boom. After winning Super Bowl 49 with the Patriots, Browner took to Twitter where he called out Obama.

Brandon Browner

A Brandon Browner Obama tweet is making headlines. Hours after the New England Patriots were crowned the winners of Super Bowl 49, Brandon Browner took to Twitter to call out President Barack Obama.

In 2014, Brandon Browner was also a Super Bowl winner with the Seattle Seahawks. It is worth noting that Browner was not able to play in the Super Bowl due to the fact that he was suspended for violating the National Football League policy on the use of drugs and because of an injury.

The Super Bowl 48 champions were invited to the White House for a photo op with Obama who also took the opportunity to honor the team. During the meeting, Mr Obama spoke about the famous Legion of Boom, which is a term invented in 2012 for the secondary safeties and cornerbacks of the Seattle Seahawks.

Obama mentioned the names of all the members of the Legion of Boom and forgot to mention Brandon Browner. Browner spoke after the meeting and said that that despite being a 6’4″, 221-pound cornerback – he was hurt by Obama’s omission. The NFL player told ESPN moment before the Super Bowl last week:

“I was at the White House and what-not, and President Obama got to speaking about the L.O.B. [Legion of Boom]. And he left my name out. That was tough for me. [Seahawks Coach] Pete Carroll is such a great guy, and once he had seen that he looked back at me. We have a photo. As soon as [Obama] said that, we made eye contact and that was pretty much what I needed to settle me, to be like ‘as long as my coach understands how much those guys meant to me then I’m good.”

The former Seattle Seahawks star went on to add that he will make sure that Obama knows his name. So said, so done. After winning the big game, Brandon Browner tweeted the following message to Obama.

Let’s hope Brandon Browner, who had plans to “break” ex-teammate Richard Sherman‘s arm during the match, does not attack POTUS when they meet.

Brandon Browner’s Obama tweet gains traction, but will it get POTUS to acknowledge the NFL player?


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