Brandi Glanville Leaving : Actress Brandi Glanville Leaving RHOBH For New Gigs, Wants LeAnn Rimes As Replacement

February 18, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Brandi Glanville leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after season 5, the news has people talking. In a new interview with In Touch magazine, Brandi Glanville revealed that she might be exiting the reality show that pays her bills and added that her arch enemy, LeAnn Rimes, should replace her.

News about Brandi Glanville Leaving

Is Brandi Glanville leaving Bravo? The answer is apparently yes, according to The Inquisitr. Brandi Glanville, who can not stay sober or away from drama, is grabbing headlines again.

The mother of two recently did an interview with In Touch magazine where she explained that she is thinking about leaving Bravo’s hit reality series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Glanville said that she has outgrown the series and is thinking about venturing out. The scandalous star revealed:

“I’m not sure how much longer I have on that show. Maybe it’s not for me anymore.”

She went on to make an outrageous suggestion by saying that LeAnn Rimes, the woman who had an affair with her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, would be a good replacement. Miss Glanville stated:

“She could be good at it. Maybe it’ll be her next thing.”

The statement had many shaking their heads because Rimes and Glanville are always feuding on Twitter about the other one’s bad or lack of parenting skills. The singer revealed to the world that Glanville does really have a drinking issue.

While the reality star has exposed Cibrian’s wife’s recent rehab stint for depression and addiction to pain medications. So, is Brandi Glanville leaving RHOBH? It is being claimed that after her dramatic appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice, (Glanville had a nasty fight with Kenya Moore who reminded the world that her husband left her for a younger and prettier woman), she has received numerous job offers.

Glanville already makes a small fortune with hosting gigs, TV appearances and her blog. It is rumored that Glanville might even get a spinoff. But some are saying that Glanville is not leaving the show, she might be getting the boot because the other stars are tired of fighting with her.

Indeed, Miss Glanville has been the real villain on the series this season and viewers love it. She fought with newcomer and soap star Eileen Davidson by claiming that her house looked gothic and creepy.

Brandi is no fan of the actress and made it known by telling People magazine that she hopes that she is fired soon. Glanville confessed:

“I’d fire Eileen [Davidson], just because I don’t think she brings anything to the table. I mean, as much as I dislike a lot of the other women – they’re good TV,. Eileen is just kind of like, ‘Yawn.'”

Since appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2011, Brandi has fought with Lisa Vanderpump on countless occasions. This year, the pair fought over an olive branch and oral sex. Vanderpump recently revealed:

“I thought the only way for me to really sustain any kind of relationship was to give [Brandi] the kind of credibility she deserves, which is little to nothing.”

Brandi replied by saying:

“Stop talking about me.”

Glanville has spread terror between Kim and Kyle Richards. Many fans of the show say that they would be happy to see Brandi go. One person stated:

“Glanville is a pain in the a%s, she should leave.”

But those on Team Brandi say the show will become a snoozefest if she leaves. They find her very entertaining and are happy to see her make her own money without the help of a man.

Those same fans say that Brandi is not that mean, but the folks at Bravo edit stuff to make her look evil. Is Brandi Glanville leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly? All of this talk could also be a negotiation tactic in order to get a better contract.

What are your thoughts on this rumor?


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  1. katek says:

    she might leave? more like she will be shown the door.

    she really brought the show to a low in class. feel so sorry for her


    • sandy anderson says:

      I really feel for her children they can’t enjoy watching there mother with her potty mouth. She kisses her boys with that mouth hope she brushes her teeth first. Would be know great loss with her gone that’s for sure. If she has a drinking problem she needs to get help her boys can’t be proud of having a drunk for a mom and if she talks to her children the way she carry on in the housewife show feel for them.

    • Nanu21 says:

      Lets hope old Brandi does make an exit soon as she just does not blend in with the REAL wives of BH so sticks out like a bad sore thumb………she seems to lacking how to talk!!!

  2. kareon says:

    Good for her if she does. Good for her taking all the negative comments and press right to the bank. You go girl. I hope this has led her to bigger and better things. I think she is actually the only HW who is not a real “mean girl”. The rest of them could head back to high school tomorrow and fit right in with the b***chy click.

  3. Georgia Schroth says:

    I have stopped watching this show because of Brandi Glanville. She has an absolutely filthy mouth and she should have been fired after making this comment to Lisa Vanderpump – “what do you want me to eat your p@##&?” If that type of language was used on any other job, it would be considered sexual harassment. Way too much drama Brandi, the world does not revolve around you. I was sick of you so I stopped watching. You need to get a life and preferably it will be out of the public eye. Get her butt off the show!!

  4. GuRLiee says:

    Don’t let the door hit you in the non-existent butt on the way out…..I can’t stand Brandi, in fact I stopped watching the show because of her drunkenness and distasteful slurs. She’s like the abusive husband that slaps you around then apologizes and tries to make everything better, then gets pissed off and does it again. Sorry means nothing to her she’s so transparent. A poor example for her kids, I pity them. I’m done with the show but would probably watch again if she were gone.

  5. Marilyhn says:

    watching Brandi is like nails on a blackboard or singing off key……just can’t watch her unfiltered, mean mouth anymore. No class, no talent and not very bright. Can’t understand why Bravo
    hired her in the first place. Is she insecure & talking as she does
    just for attention or is she just dumb?

  6. NAN says:

    She ruins the show. People enjoy her? I don’t think so.
    The show is great when it is about their lives and not their fights.

  7. Katie says:

    I like Brandi. Sometimes she goes too far, but she’s the least phony of all the RHOBH.

  8. Katie says:

    I LIKE BG! Sometimes she goes too far but I feel she is the least fake of the RHOBH.

  9. RHOBH FAN#1 says:

    If Brandi leaves the show then it will be all shopping, sweet dinners where everyone praises each other and polite vacations…BORING!!!! At least there is an element of people being called out for their bulls–!

  10. Michael says:

    Brandi Glanville is a low rent, human garbage bag filled with the human fecal matter of deranged and toothless subway riders. My apologies to homeless deranged toothless subway riders. You deserve better than to be compared to a slutty mom with a botched lip job who should have her kids taken from her.

  11. mimsie creer says:

    Brandi has been described in more unpleasant ways than any person would ever want to be described. I don’t think any words are as accurate as the word “pathetic.” There is never a good reason to say the salacious comment she made to Yolanda’s husband at Yolanda’s party; to belittle the quality of Babyface’s fiancée’s engagement ring; to slap (even playfully) one of the housewives; to offer oral sex (to Lisa as an apology; to interfere in Kim and Kyles’s messy relationship. Why make bitter-laden comments about Kyle’s or Eileen’s marriages. If there is any truth to what Brandi says about their marriages, how is it relevant at time she says them. Perhaps Eddie Cibrian did too much damage to her sense of self-worth. No best selling book, podcast, or hosting gig seems to help this woman at this time in her life.

    There is certainly more I could say but we who just can’t stand Brandi’s “unfiltered” comments another week hope Bravo looks for someone to replace her. There must be a few talented and edgy women (with better social skills )who would love to join the women on the show.

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