Brandi Glanville Dating Man, 23, She Met In Amsterdam

October 25, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Is Brandi Glanville dating a 23-year-old man, she met in Amsterdam? Glanville is the one who broke the boyfriend news in a column written for Australia’s New Weekly magazine, few weeks ago.

Brandi Glanville Dating

Brandi Glanville is dating a man who is 18 years younger than she is and the media has decided to label her a cougar. The reality TV star is happy to have someone new in her heart after all the drama, she has faced in her personal life in recent months.

Glanville who was previously married to CSI: Miami actor, Eddie Cibrian, wrote in her New Weekly column:

“So, I just got back from a little trip to Amsterdam with the other ‘Housewives.’ I can’t tell you anything about the trip except I have a boyfriend!”

Since she met the young man in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, some in the press were quick to call him a prostitute, apparently those naysayers are wrong. The mother of two explained:

“I met a cute guy in the Red Light District! He’s very handsome and we’ve been Skyping. He’s 23, so it’s like having a third child. He’s so gorgeous, it’s stupid, but he’s going to come out here! He’s clearly from a well-to-do family. Like, he paid the bills, he opened doors. Hey, I make friends wherever I go. Anything to get away from the drama.”

It is safe to say that Brandi Glanville’s dating adventures will be featured on upcoming episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This romance could be a perfect story line for the reality TV series. This is enough for some people to say that the whole thing is fake, and Glanville is engaging in the forgery to make her ex-husband angry. Others argue that Glanville is still young enough to be having a lot of fun in bed, so she should focus her energy on enjoying herself and not on what people think of her choices.

Glanville dating a young and mysterious young man is also certain to garner a lot of attention from the press, which is never a bad move when a celebrity is in the reality business.

Is Brandi Glanville dating this man for TV? What do you think?


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  1. LJ says:

    So what? I am with a woman 10 years older; she is the love of my life. No drama, no bullshit, no living life in chains; no false expectations. Older women have gotten over the expectation BS so “expected” of a man. They want the 3 “fff’s” of “ffff”. It is nasty to think it so wrong.

  2. Shade says:

    For fame or love who cares still makes for a good story

  3. Joey B says:

    They are a gorgeous couple. Good for them!

  4. Skippy says:

    Lets just hope she doesn’t pass on her Herpes to her new boyfriend.

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