Boy Scout Shoots Self At Camp

July 1, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Boy Scout Shoots Self

Cops say Boy Scout shot self at camp. Heartbreaking news coming from San Diego, cops believe that a young boy scout shot himself at camp in what may be a suicide. Cops were called to Camp Fiesta Island on Monday where they learned that a 12-year-old Boy Scout from Las Vegas had shot himself. The child died from a single gun shot in the head, thus the suicide theory. The shocking accident did not lead to the closing of the camp.

Monday morning at around 7:36 a.m. authorities were alerted after a young boy staying at Fiesta Island Youth Camp and Youth Aquatic Center in San Diego’s Mission Bay, California was found in a tent with a gun shot wound to the head.

The name of the minor was not be revealed to the media and there were no witnesses to the crime.

Police officer Matt Tortorella who is leading the investigation in the boy’s death, said that the gun was found next to the boy’s body.

While several media claimed that it was a suicide, Tortorella stated that the cause of death will be determined after the autopsy is performed.

The cops and the organizers are baffled as to how the pre-teen Boy Scout shot himself at the camp, for fire weapons are prohibited at Camp Fiesta Island.

No one knows how the handgun got on the camp site and they have no clue who it belongs to.

On Sunday about two dozen Boy Scouts arrived from Las Vegas to the San Diego Boy Scout camp where they were scheduled to take part in numerous activities such as kayaking, surfing and sailing before returning home on July 5.

Boy Scouts of America issued a statement on the incident that read:

“This is an extremely sad day for our entire scouting family.Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and all those who experienced this tragedy. Our top priority is providing support to our community and for those in the grieving process.”

Several grief counselors were dispatched to the camp but parents were told that the event will not be cancelled.


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