Boy, 4, Dies; Cinnamon Blamed In Matthew Rader’s Death

August 4, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A boy dies after eating cinnamon, and his devastated mother has taken to Facebook to warn other parents about the deadly spice. Brianna Rader is hoping that the death of her 4-year-old son, Matthew Rader, will serve as a cautionary tale for the hundreds of teens taking part in the infamous cinnamon challenge.

boy dies cinnamon

A 4-year-old boy died after eating cinnamon in Richmond, Kentucky, prompting his mother to take action and warn other parents about the dangers of the common kitchen product.

Prior to the death of little Matthew Rader, the American Association of Poison Control Centers had issued a press release asking parents to talk to their teenagers about the stupid and potentially deadly cinnamon challenge that has taken the Internet by storm.

To complete the challenge, teens are asked to swallow a spoonful of powdered or ground cinnamon without drinking any liquid. The result?

The individual is left with dry mouth and throat that can lead to gagging, vomiting, coughing, choking and throat irritation. Other health risks include:

Teens with asthma or other respiratory conditions are at greater risk of respiratory distress, including shortness of breath and trouble breathing.

Alvin C. Bronstein, MD, FACEP, managing and medical director for the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, explained:

“Although cinnamon is a common flavoring, swallowing a spoonful may result in unpleasant effects that can pose a health risk. The concern with the cinnamon challenge is that the cinnamon quickly dries out the mouth, making swallowing difficult. As a result, teens who engage in this activity often choke and vomit, injuring their mouths, throats and lungs. Teens who unintentionally breathe the cinnamon into their lungs also risk getting pneumonia as a result.”

In a lengthy Facebook post, Brianna Rader explained that on June 3, her little boy found the cinnamon powder on the spice rack in the kitchen, not knowing of the danger, he consumed some.

The child immediately started choking and having a seizure. He was rushed to the Baptist Health Medical Center where an hour and a half later he passed away, leaving a baby brother, his parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents behind.

The coroner stated that the cinnamon caused asphyxiation and traveled to the child’s lungs. The mourning mom wrote:

“Matty man’s story made the news and now CNN wants to share it nationwide. That helps ease my breaking heart just a little to think that just maybe my baby’s story can save even just one child’s life. My Matty was definitely loved by many, and he loved everyone. Fly high baby boy we love you more than words could ever explain. And we miss you so much it hurts. R.I.P my sweet little angel.”

The toddler’s organs were donated in “the hopes his death will help save other lives,” according to his mother.

What do you think of the cinnamon challenge?


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  1. Sam says:

    Some people do really stupid thing.

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