Boy 9 Falls From Ski Lift: Boy Survives 20-Foot Fall From Ski Lift In Pennsylvania

January 13, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Boy, 9, falls from ski lift and survives. An unnamed 9-year-old boy fell more than 20 feet from a ski lift in Liberty Mountain, Pennsylvania, last week after an adult attempted in vain to grab him by the jacket. The boy’s ordeal was filmed by a vacationer by the name of Adrian Delgado, using his telephone.

boy 9 falls from ski lift

Boy, 9, falls from ski lift and the entire incident is caught on camera. On Saturday, the beautiful ski slopes in Liberty Mountain, Pennsylvania, were the scene of a horrific accident, which has many vacationers wondering: How did the young victim survive such a frightening ordeal?

The entire incident was filmed by a man named Adrian Delgado, via his cell phone. In the 45-second clip shot by Mr Delgado, the 9-year-old boy wearing a red jacket can be seen dangling from a ski lift.

Another vacationer was able to grab on the child’s jacket for a brief moment, but as the ski lift kept moving, he slipped away. The man can be seen panicking after realizing that he could not rescue the boy.

As the child hung from the chair, people can be heard screaming at him to kick off his skis because they were weighing him down. The boy obeyed and was able to remove one ski.

The 9-year-old boy hung for more than 45 seconds before plummeting over 20 feet onto the snow. Staff and first aid workers rapidly skied to the scene.

It has been revealed that not only did the boy survive the fall, he sustained minor injuries in his legs. The child was able to walk on his own to an ambulance waiting nearby.

According to several people who witnessed the incident, the family is at fault for failing to use the safety rail. Officials at the resort have announced that they plan to investigate the incident. Delgado had the following to say on the “boy 9 falls from ski lift” story:

“At the end, they [other chairlift occupants] couldn’t pull him, because it would be rocking the lift, or all three of them would fall.”

As one group of paramedics were rushing to the child’s aid in Liberty Mountain, another one was running to help a 5-year-old riding a beginner chairlift by himself in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The child, who fell more than 30 feet, is said to be in serious condition.

Mike Russo, the risk and safety manager at Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado, explained that skiers need to be careful when ridding on a chairlift. The expert revealed:

“If you think you are going to drop something like a pole or a’s best just to let that item drop and then somebody can go back around and pick it up for you.”

Boy, 9, falls from ski lift, survives 20-foot fall, but some are wondering if more should not be done for safety. What say you?


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