Bow & Arrow Attack Leaves 3 Dead At Casper College In Wyoming

Garrett Montgomery | December 1, 2012 | 3 Comments More

A craze individual walked in Casper College in Wyoming with a bow and arrow where he killed two people before taking his own life.

The unnamed man who did not attend the school entered the community college at around 9 AM where he killed a student and a professor that were in a classroom on the science building’s third floor using an “edged weapon.”

Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh did not reveal the name of the criminal but they explain that it appears that the man knew his victims.

Walsh added that the school was immediately put in lock-down as authorities investigated the matter.

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    1. Used to live there says:

      OK. Now we have to Ban Bow and Arrows ? RIGHT ! What next Golf Clubs and Baseball bats ? Maybe we should Dust off the Electric chair and cull the herd of Idiots and Morons!

      • Sarcasmo says:


        While we’re at it, bring back the firing squad, gas chambers, the rack, the guillotine, the iron maiden, and the hanging gallows…

        these POSs on society like pedophiles, rapists and serial killers deserve WORSE than what their victims went through.

        Lethal injection is too gentle for these low life MAGGOTS.

    2. LARRY E TOOMEY says:

      don,t ban base ball bats lets keep the gun,s

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