Bodies In Storage Unit Lead To Quest For Answers

July 20, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Bodies In Storage Unit

Bodies in storage unit were being hidden by funeral home director. Massachusetts police were investigating Joseph O’Donnell a former funeral home director who stole money from a family when they discovered 12 bodies he hid in a storage unit in Weymouth and the ashes of 40 cremated remains that he stashed at another storage unit located in Somerville.

While investigating a dishonest funeral home director police stumbled on a dozen bodies he kept in a storage unit.

In April a couple from Quincy near Boston contacted the police after they had paid Joseph O’Donnell a funeral home director $12,000 in pre-payment to arrange the funeral of their deceased loved one and he stole the money and closed the funeral home.

Joseph O’Donnell was arrested and charged with two counts of larceny.

Authorities started digging into Joseph O’Donnell illegal activities and learned that he had rented several storage units outside of Boston.

On Wednesday, authorities visited a storage unit in Somerville where they stumbled on cremated remains from 40 bodies.

There were more horrible surprises in store for officers working on the case.

On Thursday they toured another storage unit under the former director’s name and discovered 12 human bodies.

According to experts, the 12 bodies were not violated against, Mr Joseph O’Donnell simply failed to bury them like it was expected of him.

It is being claimed no bodies of babies were found.

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley explained that they have found numerous documents at the now closed funeral home that will help them identify the corpses.

Police are working diligently to find living relatives of the twelve bodies unearthed at the storage unit.

Another funeral parlor director Dahria Williams-Fernadez who also sits on the board that licenses funeral directors said she was appalled by what happened.

Wiiliams-Fernadez added that this is not common practice to place individuals in storage units even for a very short amount of time.

Since Joseph O’Donnell waived his court appearance, relatives waiting for answers did not get any.


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