Bobcat Stuck In Car Grill: Arizona Couple Hits Bobcat, Animal Gets Stuck In Car’s Grille In Wild Ride Story

January 5, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Bobcat stuck in car grill, survived, and therefore has eight more lives to live. An Arizona couple struck a wild bobcat with their car on their way to a restaurant, and assumed they killed it. When they arrived at the eatery, they found the bobcat stuck between the car’s grill and radiator.

bobcat stuck in car grill

The story of bobcat stuck in car grill is making headlines in Arizona. On Friday night, A.J. Michaels and Susan Simpson, were heading to a restaurant when their Mazda sedan hit an animal on the roadway near Scottsdale and Indian Bend roads.

The couple looked around, saw no blood, no remains, and therefore assumed the animal was either dead underneath the car or ran off into the wild.

When A.J. Michaels and Susan Simpson arrived at the restaurant, they learned that they were wrong. As they were inspecting the damage that occurred during the incident, the pair discovered that there was a baby bobcat stuck in the car’s grill.

The duo tried to get the bobcat out, but in vain, which prompted them to call 911, and ask for help. Talking to local media, Simpson confessed that she had no idea who to call about the bobcat stuck in car grill situation. She said:

“We were trying to figure out who to call and ended up calling 911.[We told them] there’s a live bobcat behind the grill of his car, and we don’t know how to get it out.”

When members of the Scottsdale Police Department arrived on the scene, they also failed to rescue the bobcat stuck between the radiator and grill of the car.

The police contacted experts from the Arizona Game and Fish Department and asked them to come, and rescue the bobcat. Game and Fish officials attempted to get the bobcat out the grill, but it became agitated, forcing them to tranquilize it.

Staffer Geoffrey Hossack took the creature to the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, where a veterinarian was happy to reveal that after numerous exams, he can confirm that it is well.

Despite being struck by a car moving at more than 40 miles per hour, the young male bobcat did not have any breaks, fractures, or external injuries. Hossack explained that he has never heard of anything like this before. The official said:

“I would say his condition is amazing.It’s unheard of that an animal this small is going get hit by a vehicle and survive.”

The vets will conduct more exams and if everything is good, the bobcat nicknamed Bobbi by the couple, will be released back into the wild very soon.

Simpson, who studies Native American medicine, said the bobcat symbolizes perseverance. According to Hossack, bobcats along with other animals like mountain lions and eagles, are often spotted in Arizona.

While bobcats rarely harm humans, they will attack pets such as small dogs and cats. He shared:

“These guys can leap as high as 12 feet and they’re much stronger than a domesticated house cat even though he’s similar in size right now.”

Bobcat stuck in car grill, a couple will now have a unique story to share with their friends.


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  1. Joanne Steer says:

    Okay this photo does not look like a bobcat, but looks like a domestic cat with some fencing in front of it. The fencing does not look like a car grille.

    It’s okay not to have photos of everything.

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