Conn. Pastor Bobby Davis Dies After Admitting Affair

Garrett Montgomery | March 14, 2014 | 0 Comments More

Bobby Davis Affair Dies After Admits Affiar

On Sunday Bishop Bobby Davis of Miracle Faith World Outreach Church located in Bridgeport, Connecticut asked his congregation to stay after the service for he had an announcement to make.

Bishop Bobby Davis confessed to the church goers that he had an affair and died of a heart attack minutes later.

According to one church goer pastor Bobby Davis revealed that he cheated on his wife of 50 years, Christine, 69, (the couple have 6 children together) a long time ago and wanted his family and the members of the congregation to forgive him.

The person claimed that many of the believers showed support and hugged the religious man after he broke the shocking news.

But another person who attended the church service is singing another tune.

The second source said that the wife forced the Davis, 72, to air out his dirty secret.

She could be heard screaming at the man in order to make him confess otherwise she would tell everyone what she had discovered.

The insider went on to share that one of the sons hit the father while one of the daughters poured a glass of water of his head.

It appears that all of it took a toll on Davis who crumbled to the floor and died on the scene.

Police are currently investigating the matter.

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