Bob Beckel: Legs Got Kimberly Guilfoyle Her Fox Job

September 14, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

bob beckel legs

Bob Beckel made some comments about his colleague Kimberly Guilfoyle’s legs that set off the sexist alarm.

On Thursday, a conversation about White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on Fox News Channel’s The Five rapidly moved to looks. Beckel threw former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney under the bus by saying that Earnest is better looking. The liberal commentator said:

“He’s far superior to the last guy, just in terms of what he looks like.”

Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle who was not pleased with the remarks, turned to Beckel and asked:

“So we’re now going on looks, that’s perfect Bob.”

The controversial TV personality replied by saying that if Guilfoyle’s legs were shorter, she would have not been on FNC. Here are the words that got the liberal commentator in so much trouble.

“That coming out of your mouth is a little bit of a stretch.Let me ask you this, if those legs of yours were a foot shorter, do you think you’d be here?”

While many viewed Beckel legs remarks as sexist, it did not seem to trouble Guilfoyle who was laughing during the entire exchange.

After giggling like a child, Guilfoyle made the surprising move to stretch out her toned legs to make sure those who were watching had a better glimpse at what her colleague was talking about.

In Gabriel Sherman’s book The Loudest Voice in the Room, it was revealed that the bosses over at Fox News Channel make sure that the tables are made of glass, and demand that the women wear skirts or short dresses with high heels in order to captivate those at home.

Oddly enough Guilfoyle was behind a table that gave a clear view of her short red dress with matching 7-inch peep toe pumps.

What do you think of Bob Beckel legs drama? Was the remark sexist?


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