Bitcoin Firm CEO Autumn Radtke Death Ruled A Suicide Says Coroner

September 16, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

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Coroner says a Bitcoin firm CEO committed suicide. State Coroner Janet Wang has found that Bitcoin exchange CEO Autumn Radtke committed suicide because of personal and work related issues. The Bitcoin CEO killed herself in Singapore on February 26.

A Singapore Coroner’s Court has ruled the death of Bitcoin CEO Autumn Radtke a suicide.

Radtke, CEO of bitcoin exchange firm First Meta leaped to her death from the 16th floor of a 22-story building on February 26th.

The CEO of First Meta, a Singapore-based virtual currency exchange was only 28 years old.

State Coroner Janet Wang who was handling the case, said that Radtke killed herself because of the stress caused by her work and personal issues had taken a toll on her.

The State Coroner also revealed that the former head of Bitcoin, was “determined to end her life and had made concerted efforts toward facilitating this outcome.”

According to the coroner, a month before her death, the young CEO spent several hours on the internet searching for different methods to commit suicide.

The coroner revealed that while cocaine was found in the CEO’s clothes, there were no traces of the illegal drug in her urine.

According to some of Radtke’s friends, there were signs that something was horribly wrong, but they never acted.

One of them told coroner Wang, that the internet mogul who moved to Asia in 2012, talked about having suicidal thoughts and had stopped eating.

The person said that the brilliant CEO from Wisconsin may have taken her life after investing so much of her own money in a startup that failed to take off. A friend said:

“She had substantial exposure to the ups and downs of bitcoin, and while it’s not likely to be the sole reason to this tragedy, it would be naive to think it didn’t have a role.”

Before taking the role of CEO of a Bitcoin firm, Radtke worked with some big companies including Richard Branson’s Virgin Charter, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Apple and Universal.


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