Bill Nye Bet And Shut Down Climate Change Denier Marc Morano

April 16, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A bet made by Bill Nye is making headlines. In a Facebook video, Nye, the Science Guy, explained that Marc Morano, a climate change denier, is a dishonest man, who lied by claiming that he invited him to speak on a panel on the matter. Moreover, he went on to reveal that he offered Morano a $20,000 bet that the earth will keep on getting hotter, and he refused.

Bill Nye bet

Bill Nye revealed a bet that he made with Marc Morano, the founder of the climate skeptic website, and on the same occasion he slammed the Republican for lying about inviting him to an event where Sarah Palin is set to speak.

On Thursday, a very frustrated Bill Nye took to Facebook where he uploaded a 6-minute video to blast Morano.

Mr. Morano has been advertising a special screening of a new documentary called Climate Hustle that debunks climate change. Posters promoting the event scheduled for May 2 claimed that Palin along with Nye will take part in a panel to discuss the matter.

The only problem, Nye never agreed to be at the screening, the truth of the matter, he was never invited to be part of the panel. In the clip, the TV personality shared:

“Marc Morano did not invite me to his movie but he said I refused to come after he did invite me — he was making that up. It’s disingenuous, at best.”

Nye went on to say that it is true, he did accept to be interviewed for the film under the condition that his own documentary crew be allowed to remain present. According to the scientist, it was a very interesting exchange where he attempted to bet $20,000 with the former Republican political aide that we are currently living in the hottest decade, and he declined. Nye added:

“He had to concede a few points, let me say that — he had to concede a few points,” Nye recalled. “You probably heard. I said, ‘I’ll bet you that 2016 will be among the top 10 hottest years ever.’ And he said, ‘Of course it will be.’ And then I said, ‘I’ll bet you that the decade — 2010 to 2020 — will be the hottest decade on record.’ And he wouldn’t take that bet. I would’ve given him $10,000 on each of those two bets. But he didn’t take it. Because he knows the world’s getting warmer.”

In December 2012, Morano and Nye had a very heated debate on global warming on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight; it appears that the politician was hoping for a rematch.

What are your thoughts on Bill Nye’s bet?


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  1. Keith Patton says:

    What an asinine article. Nye is a clown. As an earth scientist of 36 years experience, I have not from day one believed the manmade global warming nonsense. Has the Earth’s climate changed in the past, yes unequivocally, its in the history of the earths rocks. Is it changing, yes constantly, the earth in the last million years has been incredibly colder and warmer than it is now. Did man cause it? No. The fallaciousness of Nye’s bet reveals what a true idiotic and scientifically ignorant man he truly is. If he possesses any real scientific knowledge, then he is blinded by his zeal to promote a social agenda. The variability of our atmospheric conditions from day to day or year to year is call: weather, not climate change. To say you have a changing climate takes thousands or tens of thousands of years. Weather is too variable to base any kind of claim that the change is permanent. I would say Nye is as much of a scientist as Mr. Rodgers was a social scientist.

  2. Ben Vincent says:

    Marc knows that 2016 will be warm due to the recent El Nino. Which is a natural weather event. Bill is trying to use normal weather as proof of climate change. Marc is smarter than to fall for Bill’s trick.

    But at least two top research groups have already forecast a La Nina for 2017-18.
    Did you know that after the past three El Nino’s global temperatures dropped to below what they were prior to the El Nino’s forming?

    Hey Bill, want to take a bet on 2018?

    Plus Marc knows that Bill would only use the USHCN surface stations to make his hottest ever claim. This is the system that NOAA has admitted 70% of the stations are not sited according to published guidelines. Stations are too close to man made heat sinks like roads, buildings and parking lots. Or too close to man made heat sources like air conditioner compressors, jet engines and pictures even show BBQ grills.

    Did you know that the properly sited USCRN stations record temperatures almost two degrees cooler than the poorly sited stations being used? Or that the satellite data (which in 1990 NASA said was the most accurate and should be used instead of surface stations) do not show the warming the USHCN stations do? And that the satellite data is confirmed by balloon instruments?

    Why doesn’t Bill use these?

    See, Marc and much of the public knows these things and know Bill’s tricks.

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