Beyonce Revealing Photo Is Not Enough To Stop Divorce Rumor

July 28, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More


Beyonce Knowles posted some sexy new summer pictures on Instagram over the weekend. One of the photos even showed major cleavage. Beyonce also shared few pics that featured her husband, rapper and business mogul Jay Z.

Beyonce and Jay Z are doing the best they can, to squash rumors that say they are splitting before the end of the year. Beyonce is often on the social networking site, uploading images that seem to suggest, that the storm is over now and the most powerful couple in music will remain together.

New York Post’s Page Six runs more or less a weekly exposé about their imminent divorce. The new one is pushing the theory, that Beyonce and Jay Z have not been in love for a very long time and whatever they share with the world, is just part of a huge spectacle.

The “Drunk in Love” artists are, according to the anonymous source used in the Page Six article, all about business. The rapper is supposedly always on the phone working on his next business move and he has no time to work on his marriage.

The so-called insider, who seems to know every thing about the legendary couple’s life, even explained that the main reason behind Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles infamous elevator attack on Jay was Rihanna.

The (probably) paid spy concludes, that the pair will divorce, they are just orchestrating a master plan to make it look business friendly. All of this divorce talk seems fishy. The source admits that Beyonce and her husband, are very secretive and they don’t allow people in their private space. So how does the insider know know about their dirty laundry?

The most plausible explanation, is that the source only knows a quarter of the real story and made up most of the rest for a decent check. It’s obvious that Beyonce and Jay Z, faced some marital challenges but it’s also clear, that they seem to want to stay together.

What if they went through a difficult time in their relationship, then went on to conclude that they still cared about each other, and decided to give love another chance. This could be the real story, but it would not generate as much interest as one about an imminent divorce. Beyonce and Jay may be all about their money, but the same thing can be said about anonymous sources, selling their divorce and the media printing about the end of the most powerful celebrity couple of the last decade.

Beyonce and Jay Z were in Canada on Sunday for their “On the Run” tour.


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  1. mickey says:

    Isn’t it always about “The Money” who gets what and who does not. Since Beyoncé became famous she lost some of her real appeal for a lot of her friends and others. It is strange what MONEY can do to a person.

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