Beyonce Raps Jay Z Elevator In ‘Flawless’ Remix With Nicki Minaj

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Beyoncé Knowles raps on Jay Z elevator fight and the world goes crazy. Beyonce enlists Nicki Minaj for her “Flawless” remix that debuted online on Saturday night. Jay Z’s wife broke the web again, with her surprise “Flawless” remix that references the infamous Jay Z Solange elevator fight.

The Queen of Hip Hop joins Queen Bey on the official “Flawless” remix, that was released online on Saturday. Hit-Boy produced the track, that some are already calling the hottest urban song of 2014.

Beyonce adopts her rap persona Yonce, to tell world that she is the “shit.” The oldest Knowles sister also addresses, the elevator fight seen around the globe. In May, Beyonce’s sister was caught on video beating and kicking her brother-in-law Jay Z in an elevator. A statement, was put out by the trio few days later, to say that all was good between them.

Since that incident, the planet has been obsessing over the pop music superstars marital life. Rumors of an impending divorce started flying around. Beyonce tried to squash them by posting happy pictures of the couple on Instagram, but this did not work.

On “Flawless” remix, the R&B diva tackles the controversy head on, she sings:

“sometimes shit goes down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator.”

Minaj did deliver some of the best lines of her career on the track. She goes hard after the haters and reminds those, who may have forgotten that she is the Queen. She wrapped the whole cameo under the feminism umbrella with lyrics like those:

This every hood nigga dream, fantasizing about Nicki and Bey
Curved valicious, pussy served delicious.

The Beyonce Nicki Minaj surprise collaboration on “Flawless” remix was an instant hit online. In less than 6 hours, it already received close to one million hits on Soundcloud.

It is not yet known if the track will appear on iTunes or if a music video will be shot in the upcoming weeks. The positive response it got, probably mean that the two things are totally possible.

Some fans are even pushing for a live performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 24, where the “Diva” singer is rumored to hitting the stage solo.


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