Beyonce Bulls Bodysuit: Chicago Bulls Jersey Swimsuit From ‘Feeling Myself’ Music Video Catches Fans’ Attention

May 20, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

Beyonce’s Bulls bodysuit from the “Feeling Myself” music video has fashion aficionados all excited. The famous “Crazy in Love” singer seems to be a big fan of Chicago Bulls’ point guard Derrick Rose, her jersey-swimsuit in the clip bears his number.

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Beyoncé‘s Bulls jersey-swimsuit is making almost as much noise as Nicki Minaj‘s new music video, “Feeling Myself,” which was released on Monday via Tidal. In the clip, Bey and Nicki have fun, twerking, eating and goofing around. Although the song is sexually suggestive, the talented ladies were able to convey a different message, friendship. Commentators on social media described the video as a powerful endorsement of female camaraderie.

Beyonce’s Bulls bodysuit was just the cherry on the cake for many supporters. Bey and Nicki are at the forefront of fashion in the music industry. Some would even go as far as saying they define it. The Chicago Bulls bodysuit is just Beyoncé doing what she does best, put fashion trends in motion for others to follow. Critics will say that when it comes to NBA jerseys Miley Cyrus has been doing something similar in recent years, but Bey is in a league of her own. When Jay Z‘s wife hits a fashion home run, it is hard for anyone else to compete. The Obsessed actress has lost some battles on the fashion stage, but lately she has been winning.

The coverage garnered by Beyonce’s Bulls bodysuit is proof that this statement is accurate. Many women are trying to get their hands on the Chicago Bulls swimsuit, but places like and do not carry it. Forever 21, the only store that has a vaguely different version of the coveted bodysuit, claims that it is sold out.

The frenzy surrounding the “Feeling Myself” music video may not last very long, but the clip has already done something very important, present those two influential ladies on more relatable and friendly grounds. This is never a bad thing for business.

What are your thoughts on Beyonce’s Bulls bodysuit?

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This song makes me happy! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

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