Bernie Sanders Calls For ‘Total Transformation’ And Overall Of Democratic Party

February 27, 2017 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Bernie Sanders Total Transformation Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders has called for a total transformation of the Democratic party after the man he backed to lead the Democratic National Committee (DNC) lost to a pro-Hillary Clinton candidate.

Senator Sanders, from Vermont, 75, is one the most outspoken politicians in America.

The fiery Democrat is often on Twitter taking aim at President Donald Trump for his controversial policies and what he calls negative rhetoric.

Mr. Sanders, who had millions of young people and millennials feeling the Bern during the 2016 election, is famous for calling out members of his own party.

It is impossible to forget how Mr. Sanders bashed his rival and fellow Democrat, former Secretary of State Clinton, during the primary debates on matters dear to his heart such as trade, Wall Street, and receiving money from big banks and hedge funds for speeches.

He also attacked Mrs. Clinton for her infamous predator comment and called her out for not going far enough to ensure that college is free in America.

Sanders, a self-proclaimed and proud socialist, is once more going after members of his own party and many believe that he is doing it out of frustration that Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, whom he backed, failed to become chair of the Democratic National Committee.

On Saturday evening, when party officials announced that Tom Perez had beaten Ellison, the room erupted in protest.

Sanders’ supporters started yelling “Party of the people, not big money.”

To calm nerves and show unity, the first Latino chair of the DNC named Ellison, a Muslim, his deputy.

Perez said Ellison was a longtime friend and they had “identical values.”

On Sunday, Sanders was a guest on CNN’s State of the Union where he confirmed that he was not happy with the outcome of the DNC election result.

Sanders said it was time for the Democratic party to go through a “total transformation” to attract the hard-working middle-class voters in states like Michigan, Ohio, and Colorado.

He said: “We need a total transformation. We’ve got to open up the party to working people, to young people, and make it crystal clear that the Democratic Party is going to take on Wall Street.”

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