Bear Spins Circles Golf Course: Dancing Bear Clip Is A Hit (Video)

September 12, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Bear spins circles golf course video

A bear spins circles on golf course, the video has gone viral, and it might be the cutest thing, you will see today. An adorable baby bear dances and spins in circles around a flag pole at a British Columbia golf course and the scene is caught on camera. After the sweet and funny dance routine, the cub steals a ball and tries to eat it.

On Monday, a video of a little bear dancing around a flag pole surfaced on YouTube. The clip was posted by Andi Dzilums who was golfing with a group of friends at the Mountainside Golf Course at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in Vancouver, Canada.

Mr Dzilums’s camera was rolling for more than two minutes in order to capture what he described as “the most hilarious thing in the world.”

The black bear started off by trying to pull down the flag in order to eat it. When that failed, the baby bear decided to make the best of the situation by performing a little act for his spectators.

The animal goes on to grab the pole, dance and circle around it before letting go or maybe it slipped out its paws. The bear attempted one more time to perform his or her little dance routine, but was unable to get to the flag.

The group applauded the baby bear for his circus inspired act and told the mammal “thank you buddy.”

But the show was not over for the golfers. Before walking off into the wood, the dancing bear found a golf ball and stole it. The men yelled at the bear to drop the ball in the hole, but the cub ignored them and vanished in the forest.

The Baby Bear Circus Act on Golf Course video was watched over 597,029 times on YouTube. Some say that Dzilums may have put himself in a dangerous situation by getting that close to the bear, but American black bears try their best to avoid confrontations.

Grizzly bears are way more dangerous.


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