Bay City Rollers Comeback: Boyband Of ’70s Fame Announces Big Comeback After 40 Years

September 24, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Bay City Rollers comeback is set to take place for the Christmas holiday. The Bay City Rollers, from Scotland, were initially composed of five members and were the boy band of the 1970s. The group is eager to get back on stage after 40 years.

The Bay City Rollers

After 40 longs years, a Bay City Rollers comeback has been announced for the end of 2015 and fans could not be happier.

The Scottish pop group was once way more popular than One Direction, U2 and The Beatles, but a load of lawsuits and countless separations more or less destroyed Bay City Rollers.

The band was founded in 1966 by bassist Alan Longmuir, his younger brother, drummer Derek Longmuir and their school friend, lead singer Gordon “Nobby” Clark and guitarists – Eric Faulkner and Stuart John Wood. The artists were also known as the Classic Five line up.

Originally called The Saxons, the five teenagers decided to change the name of the band to The Bay City Rollers by throwing a dart at a map of the United States, which landed “near” Bay City, Michigan.

After two years of failing on the charts, success finally came in 1973 with “Remember (Sha La La La),” “Summerlove Sensation” and “All of Me Loves All of You.” Dubbed the Classic Five line up, they went on to become teen idols and sold over 120 million records.

Throughout the years, the group’s line-up featured numerous changes and two final breakups in 1978 and 2007. Several members filed a lawsuit against Arista Records demanding “tens of millions of dollars” in unpaid royalties. The lawsuit is still ongoing.

This week, at a press conference, Les McKeown, Alan Longmuir and Stuart Wood announced the major comeback that will take place at Glasgow’s Barrowland on December 20. McKeown said:

“We have a very special Christmas present to all the fans that have kept the faith with the band over the years. I’m feeling great, I’m feeling fabulous. It’s been hard work on everyone’s part. Maybe I instigated it a couple of years ago when I mentioned on TV that I’d love to get back with the guys and that put a little seed in everyone’s head.”

He added after years of fighting and arguing over money, they decided to make peace. He confessed:

“Slowly but surely we started to gravitate towards each other again.”

The band went on to drop a major bombshell by explaining that Faulkner may join them in the next few weeks. McKeown said:

“We’re quite happy to get on with it and the door’s always open if Eric wants to come and join us, which could happen sooner rather than later.”

However, do not expect Derek Longmuir to ever join the rest of the musicians on stage. McKeown stated:

“Derek is just not interested, he’s been a cardiology nurse for 28 years, he’s changed his career completely.”

Stuart added:

“We were bigger than One Direction. They haven’t had a mania.”

What are your thoughts on Bay City Rollers’ comeback?


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