Barack Obama Cheered By Crowd At New York City Starbucks

February 26, 2017 | By Olivia S. More

Barack Obama In New York Greeted By Adoring Crowd

Barack Obama was spotted showing off his swagger outside of a Starbucks in New York on Friday.

Videos and photos that flooded the Internet revealed that Mr. Obama is really enjoying this retirement thing.

The former President of the United States was casually dressed in a black suit, crisp white shirt, and no tie along with his signature aviator shades as he was walked out of a Starbucks located at 160 5th Ave.

One thing is sure, Obama is not among the thousands of people who have decided to boycott Starbucks Corporation after it announced plans to hire refugees.

Earlier this year, the coffee company made a pledge to recruit 10,000 Muslim refugees to work in its stores nationwide.

The Starbucks Coffee brand made the announcement days after President Donald Trump signed his executive order that temporarily banned refugees and other travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering America.

Obama, who had just made a coffee run, kept the drink in one hand and used the other to wave at the large crowd of people who greeted him.

There were hundreds of supporters in the area who were screaming his name and yelling well wishes.

Many were telling him that they wished he was still president instead of Trump.

The ex-POTUS did not respond and walked into an SUV that was guarded by many Secret Service agents.

According to several media outlets, Obama was in Manhattan for a meeting, but no one seems to know whom he met with.

While in New York, Mr. Obama did what all visitors do in New York – catch a Broadway show.

The 44th U.S. president accompanied by his oldest daughter, Malia, went to see Broadway revival of Arthur Miller’s “The Price.”

The play is currently at the American Airlines Theatre in New York and stars Danny DeVito, Mark Ruffalo, John Turturro, Tony Shalhoub, and Jessica Hecht – and you have guessed it, the two Obamas took a picture with the entire cast.

Michelle and Barack Obama are big fans of Broadway, while in the White House, the pair flew to the Big Apple to see “Hamilton,” “A Raisin in the Sun,” and Joe Turner’s “Come and Gone.”

Malia and Barack were also pictured having dinner and in a deep conversation at Emilio’s Ballato, a fancy Italian restaurant located in Soho.

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  1. Salvatore R LaRosa says:

    Liberals cheering a liberal in a liberal joint! Duh!!!!!

  2. Curtis Bartley Jr says:

    Would love to have been there would love to have thrown a cup of bad coffee in his dam face.

  3. William Dedee says:

    Seeing that it’s NYC and the character of people that currently inhabit this cesspool, it’s now wonder they could handle the stench of Barry’s presence.

  4. Christopher Harper says:

    God bless the POTUS!

  5. Common says:

    They cheer for a real president.

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