Bakersfield Man Arrested: Toddler Punched In Face By Man In Viral Video

April 10, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Bakersfield man punches a toddler at a supermarket and gets arrested. A 23-year-old man named Justin Whittington was caught on surveillance video punching a toddler who was running around. The man is currently being held on a $1 million bond.

Justin Whittington bakersfield man punches toddler

A Bakersfield man punches a toddler and is rapidly arrested. On Thursday, a Californian tattoo artist named Chris Danaher contacted several media outlets and took to Facebook where he shared a very disturbing video.

The surveillance video, which was filmed inside the Vest Market in downtown Bakersfield, showed a toddler running down the aisle. Seconds later, a man is seen running after the little boy.

When he gets close enough to the toddler, he punches him in the face and the child falls to the floor. After punching the toddler, the man yanks him up by the arm before shaking him. A man who witnessed the scene had the following to say about the new nominee for father of the year:

“This has to be the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen, a little kid getting knocked out by his dad.”

Later in the clip, a pregnant woman grabs the toddler from the man, and they rapidly leave the supermarket. The child can be seen holding his mouth as he exits the premises.

The graphic video entitled “Bakersfield man hits toddler” went viral on social media and made its way to the authorities. Few hours after the incident, the Bakersfield Police Department and officials confirmed that they were searching for the man.

In a statement issued by the Bakersfield Police Department on Friday, it was revealed that 23-year-old Justin Whittington had been arrested. Whittington was hit with Child Endangerment charges.

The toddler was looked at by paramedics and has no physical injuries. Justin Whittington was thrown in the Kern County Jail and is being held on a $1 million bond.

While the police have not revealed the nature of the relation between the man and the toddler. It appears that the 3-year-old boy is Whittington’s son, and the pregnant woman is Crystal Whittington, the child’s mother.

Just days ago, Justin Whittington shared a cute picture of his son via Facebook and captioned it:

“Feelin like a father again it’s a feeling you can’t replicate or fake.”

Whittington has since deleted his Facebook page. Harry, the Vest Market’s owner, revealed that the Bakersfield man and his son are regulars, and he was surprised by the incident. He said that he had to contact the police and added:

“It was the right thing to do. You don’t hit a child like that.”

Whittington is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, April 13th. Bakersfield man punches toddler, and parenting reaches a new low.

What should be the father’s punishment? Is it ever OK to hit a child?

Apparently this is how pieces of shit discipline their kids in Bakersfield. This is surveillance from Vest Market downtown earlier today. Share this video!!!

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  1. skyler says:

    Put the LOWLIFE in an octagon ring with an MMA fighter for one round and see how tough he is..

  2. kerry says:

    Could the mother have looked any less concerned about that situation?? Great – she’s getting ready to pop out another one. Too many people don’t deserve to have children – can we just neuter people like these so that can’t continue to breed more punching bags? Makes me sick

    • Ember says:

      I thought the same thing at first, but after I watched the video a few times, I don’t think the mother actually saw what “dad” did. Obviously, he did something horrible by the child’s reaction, but I don’t think she saw the punch.

  3. lk says:

    And then later, dad gets out of jail, Mom lets him continue abusing the child until he ends up dead. How do we protect these innocent children from their own parents? Both of you are not worthy to be called parents!

  4. Jevin says:

    To be fair, the video doesn’t show what happened before this incident. The toddler might have been acting like a real asshole, and the dad was just knocking him down a peg.

    • harrison says:

      you need to be punched in the mouth you idiot

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hey Moron ! There is NO scenario where a toddler deserves that. No matter what he was doing or saying before it happened. You handle it like an adult and take action in a civilised manner. Do NOT have any kids of your own.

    • Friendo says:’re as sharp as a marble.

    • Mark says:

      To be fair Jevin you need to be knocked down more than a peg.

    • Angel says:

      You justify any kind of behavior of the child’s would make it okay and right for the father to punch him like that? You are as sorry and lowdown as he is and a piece of sh8t too. You are a moron!

    • Jenn says:

      Hey pendejo. looks like we know what you are saying and you are acting like a real aaahole so why don’t you come to my town so we can do more than Peg you down. Bitch

    • Sick of disrespectful kids says:

      Yes it does. It showed him running off. He was a brat,running thru the store, and I think he needed his butt slapped. Too many permissive parents today and that’s what leads to sex, drugs, and out of control young adults with no respect for authority. His Mother comes across as permissive, and that’s why the Dad probably had to do something. Its either that, or the police will meet that future punk in about 10 more years.

  5. Mikileea says:

    Pieces of scum, both of them. That “mother” looked like she condoned the abuse. Why didn’t someone in the store stop this jerk and why did CPS not take the child away from that thing that is suppose to be his mom and protect him? Poor baby. Stop having kids you moron!

  6. anoid says:

    That kid was not “knocked out” but knocked down and obviously just fine as he walked out squealing with his mother…i would have chased his little rag ass right out the door into traffic and listened to one big squeal as he got run over and clapped…give that man an award, not a million dollar bail bill…do not like this post, then get an abortion or a choke collar, a leash, and a muzzle for your filthy little spawn in public places…the rest of the world does not love your lil’ chitlins…you are polluting the world and using up valuable resources with your crotchfruit parade…

    • TJ says:

      Huh??? Anoid…something bothering you? The cycle of abuse stops only when it (first) is acknowledged. Parents have an obligation to teach their children better…not oppress them or dominate. It IS hard being a parent no doubt. Crushing a child’s spirit creates demons, monsters. We are created in Gods image…not the devil. Blessings on all who have been harmed. God heals all wounds, dries our tears. Look to the light. Peace

    • Angel says:

      Listen you worthless piece of trash just like the abusive father. hope someone beats your sorry lowdown trashy ass. Anoid is probably an abusive person from an abusive home and fu*ks ni88ers

  7. sad for dad says:

    my heart goes out to this family as they will now have to deal with the horror of Child Protective Services and the court system. I hope that CPS does not grab the child and his soon to be born sibling. children are rarely better off in CPS custody than with their parents. I pray for that poor man who simply lost his temper and now will likely never see his children and will be abused by the court and prison system. I pray for that mom and her children that they will escape the claws of CPS, juvenile court, and CASA

    • Give me a break says:

      Give me a break, sad for dad? You are a fool along with anyone else who has ANY heartache for this guy. The children will be better off with parents who will actually protect them.
      That fool is lucky I wasn’t in that store or I would have knocked his a$$ out.
      You can tell just by how the child is acting out, and then how the child holds his hands up just before “dad” comes up to him….the child is used to the abuse. Never, NEVER has either of my children reacted that way because I don’t respond to their “childish” behaviors with violence.
      The mother seeing him hit the child or not, is well aware of what he did, and probably does on a constant basis. If he did this in public with more eyes on him than just the mother that does nothing but bitch at him for being abusive, imagine what he does at home to the poor boy behind closed doors. True sign of someone who abuses, punish and beat while mad, and then tell them how much you love them (i.e. his facebook post.
      Sadly this little boy and the baby to be will end up growing up hating life and themselves, having no respect for anything and abusing the system along with their family and anyone else in the way.
      Never-ending vicious cycle because the boys raised by “dads” like this end up abusing the women who didn’t have a “dad” around and their “mom” couldn’t raise them to teach them about self respect, because she was too busy popping out more illegitimate children from different losers that would give her attention, not to mention working multiple jobs. Or wait, not all, some would use the men they are currently seeing as a “source” of care for them and their flock of future problems of society.
      What needs to happen from the beginning is the right to bear children be taken away from all of these f*cked up people so they cannot ruin a beautiful life. So many responsible people that want but cant have children, or have had a child die, have to read or see things like this in the news that makes me believe there is no higher power. And if there was, he/she gave up on us a loooong time ago because the experiment f*cked up big time.

  8. Real Life says:

    The kid wasn’t col-cocked, he was popped in the mouth for running away from a parent.

    Kids that run from authorities end up dead. Parenting classes for the both of them, then drop the charges.

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