Ashley Greene Denies Crack Pipe Was Found In Condo Fire

October 27, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ashley Greene denies a crack pipe caused the fire that destroyed her apartment and killed her dog. Miss Greene is being sued by the Hollywood building’s manager, Adrian Mayorga, who claimed that a crack pipe found in the star’s residence caused the blaze.

Ashley Greene Crack Pipe Denies

Ashley Greene denies a crack pipe was found in her apartment that burned down in 2013, but the manager of the building is singing another tune. Adrian Mayorga who is the manager of the West Hollywood apartment, which was set on fire on March 22, 2013 is suing Greene along with four other tenants.

In court documents, Mr Mayorga claimed that while cleaning the debris in Greene’s apartment, workers found a crack pipe. Mayorga is adamant that the crack pipe is the cause of the fire.

He also stated that he saw Ashley Greene, her brother Joe Greene, and her then-boyfriend, Ryan Phillippe leaving the residence after the fire and they looked disoriented.

The manager believes that the trio were smoking and accidentally left the crack pipe on a sofa, which started the blaze. The fire killed one of Ashley Greene’s pet fox terrier dogs. The inferno caused extensive damage to a number of other apartments in the building. Mr Mayorga said:

“disoriented … they looked like they were drunk or under the influence of something.The only people I saw getting treated was Ashley Greene, her brother Joe Green, and her — the current boyfriend, Ryan Phillippe.”

In the lawsuit, Mayorga revealed that he was injured while running through smoky hallways of the apartment building, trying to get residents to safety. The man said he suffered exhaustion, dehydration and smoke inhalation, and was also hospitalized for a brief period of time.

Several other tenants have sued Greene claiming that she is responsible for the fire that destroyed their units. In a statement issued to US Weekly, Ashley Greene denies that a crack pipe was found in the apartment, she also stated that Phillippe was not in the building the day of the fire.

“There was no crack pipe found in Ashley’s apartment. It’s all hearsay from unnamed sources — Mayorga’s claiming he heard from a friend of an unidentified worker who may have entered the apartment. Additionally, Phillippe went on the record saying he wasn’t there.”

Ashley Greene’s unit was sold in July for $1.1 million following some major renovations totaling $303,000.


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