Ashley Aldridge Earl Moorman: Teen Mom’s Heroism Will Restore Some Faith In Humanity

September 24, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ashley Aldridge and Earl Moorman have become best of friends after going through a life-changing experience. Aldridge, a 19-year-old mother of two from Illinois saved Moorman, 75, after his wheelchair became stuck on railroad tracks near her home. Aldridge, who is an angel and a hero, ran to Moorman, who was screaming for help after two motorists passed by and left him to die.

Ashley Aldridge Earl Moorman

Ashley Aldridge is Earl Moorman‘s angel and savior after leaving her toddlers at home to run out and save him from being struck by a speeding train.

While the story sounds like a Hollywood movie, it is all true. Last week, Moorman, 75, who is wheelchair-bound was crossing railroad tracks near Aldridge’s home in Auburn, Illinois when he landed in a very sticky and dangerous situation.

One of the wheels of his motorized wheelchair got stuck on the tracks and Moorman was not able to free himself, which prompted him to immediately call 911 and beg for help. As he waited for the police and ambulance to arrive, two motorists drove by and left the elderly man stranded and helpless.

The unfunny situation rapidly became very dangerous when Moorman spotted a train coming his way. Mr. Earl Moorman had the brilliant idea to scream for help from the top of his lungs, and his cries were heard by the good Samaritan named Ashley Aldridge.

The teenager, who was cooking macaroni for her two young children, dashed out of her kitchen to save the man. Aldridge first tried to push the wheelchair away from the train tracks, but was not able to do so. With only seconds to spare, the young woman removed Moorman from the chair and dragged him to safety.

Moments later, the Amtrak train was speeding through town at 81 mph and smashed the chair into hundreds of pieces. Aldridge was recognized by the community as a “Hometown Hero” and was gifted with a shopping spree in a supermarket located in Chatham, Southwest of Chicago.

The brave mom said she is happy to get grocery for her family because she was tired of cooking macaroni and cheese every day. She shared:

“I’m pretty excited because we haven’t been able to buy a whole bunch of food for the kids. I’m glad I can finally make them real food and not macaroni and cheese all the time.”

She also revealed that she is touched by all the donations because someone recently broke into her home and stole the money she had been saving to pay her utility bills. Moorman, who is in a wheelchair due to countless back surgeries and weakness in his legs, called Aldridge his angel and added:

“I was two seconds away from death. She’s my guardian angel. She was sent there for a reason.”

Moorman’s son-in-law, Dave Beck, said his family will forever be grateful to Aldridge. Beck explained:

“She really needs to be recognized. She went beyond the call of duty.”

Ashley Aldridge is a real American hero: Bravo for what you have done for Earl Moorman.

Below is a video of Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois honoring Aldridge’s courage and heroism.


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  1. Patricia says:

    Isn’t it wonderful that with all the horrors in the world today that this young lady brings such a ray of sunshine and hope?! Shame on those who passed by! I’ve been in your shoes Ashley, trying to feed my family as so many other mothers out there can probably can relate to as well. You are indeed a hero and an angel. Thank you for saving a life! God bless you both!

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