Arnold Schwarzenegger climate change message needs to be simplified

December 9, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

An Arnold Schwarzenegger climate change comment is making headlines, and he is being mocked for it. During a conference call, the former California governor asked the participants of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference to simplify their message on climate change because “our brain is not wired” to focus on things that will happen in 50 years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger climate

An Arnold Schwarzenegger climate change remark has some calling him dumb and ignorant for accepting “the climate change crap that Al Gore and other billionaires are feeding folks as they ruin the planet with their private jets and big cars.”

On Saturday, Schwarzenegger arrived in France to take part in the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 21 or CMP 11, which is being held in Le Bourget, Paris from November 30 to December 11.

The annual event’s goal is to achieve a legally binding agreement on climate, from all the nations of the world. This year, the Pope and several organizations/unions are hoping to influence the meeting with their message of “zero carbon, zero poverty.”

At the conference, Mr. Schwarzenegger is scheduled to give three speeches and to take questions from students. The politician is more than Mr. Olympia or an action star, he is also the founder of R20 – Regions of Climate Action, which is a nonprofit environmental organization launched in 2010 with the help of several governments, private companies, organizations, NGOs, and financial institutions. The R20 has one main mission – to prevent a 2°C increase in global temperatures by 2020 and reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 75%.

The day before the trip, the activist and former governor took part in a conference call from his California home where he asked those, who are organizing the United Nations Climate Change Conference to more or less dumb it down in their speeches about climate change.

Schwarzenegger believes that a random human being just can not comprehend all the big words used to explain that in 50 years all the icebergs will melt, the polar bears will die, and the heat will become unbearable in some places on earth while freezing weather will make other parts unlivable. The climate change expert said:

“We’ve just got to simplify the message. We need to have the general public become part of the movement, and the only way the general public becomes part of the movement is if it is a simple message, and if it’s an uplifting message, and if they know that if we don’t go in the right direction it goes south and we’re going to have the consequences of all these people dying. And I think we can do better than that.”

His suggestion – people, who are trying to raise awareness of climate change need to become better salesmen and have good pitches to captivate their audience. He shared:

“I think it is sad the way, you know, the miscommunication about climate change, because so many times, you know, you hear … that the oceans will rise, and the sea levels are rising and the temperature’s rising and the icebergs’ melting, and it’s all stuff that people cannot even relate to. I mean, our brain is not wired that way, that we’re worried about things that are happening in 2050, or 50 years from now. It’s wired about what’s happening today, and no one – even the top environmental officials – really communicates this the right way.”

Schwarzenegger, who is in Paris with the Golden State’s current governor Jerry Brown, said he plans to talk about:

“The importance of regional governments to do their share and not to wait for an international treaty or for some, you know, national stuff happening or national laws being passed.”

In his upcoming speeches, he wants to remind the world how he passed legislation in California (Assembly Bill 32 also known as the greenhouse gas reduction bill) to help the earth. He shared:

“We had every obstacle in the world at a national level, but we as a state moved forward in a very successful way.”

After arriving in Paris, Arnold Schwarzenegger paid his respects to the victims of the terrorists attacks and praised President François Hollande for the way he is handling the matter. Many on social media called Schwarzenegger dumb for believing in something as fake as global warming and advised him to stick to acting.

Is climate change a hoax?


A photo posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger (@schwarzenegger) on


A photo posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger (@schwarzenegger) on


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  1. gary says:

    Arnold really knows all about this stuff ”
    NOT” take for example his hydrogen highway which was shut down because it never sold a liter of hydrogen , other tan for publicity purposes.

  2. John says:

    Another left winger wanting to sell a lie more effectively! Go back to doing Maids you are better at that!

  3. david says:

    “Ruin the planet with their private jets and big cars.” How does a handful of jets and cars ruin the Planet? Sounds more like a jealousy issue in order to deny your part of the problem too.

    It’s the other 7 Billion+ people with their cars and passenger airliners all consuming ever increasing amounts of fossil fuels for everything in general who are creating 99.999975% of the air pollution.

    There is only 1,826 Billionaires so the actual ratio of Billionaires is only 0.000025 while there is currently 7.3 Billion people increasing at at rate of one person every 16 seconds or 5,400 per day all generating more or less the same carbon footprint non-stop 24-hours a day, 7-days a week whether it’s the electricity you use, the food you eat, the products you use – everything that is produced and consumed causes carbon emissions in one way or the other.

    • Marvin says:

      Well said. Of course, the evidence that human caused carbon emissions are the only cause for climate change (duh, which part of we’re not in an ice age anymore is to difficult to understand) is overstated. But, as you said it is not the various sources of human caused carbon emissions we need to be concerned about. Its the massive number of people generating those carbon emissions. Everyone conveniently forgets that the infamous hockey stick curve used to link carbon emissions to higher than expected global temperature changes is also exactly matched by the increase in human population.

      If every man, woman and child on this planet decreased their carbon emissions by 50% tomorrow, the impact on climate change would be negligble since the increase in population would more than make up for it in the long term. If you really want to save our environment, stop breeding like animals!

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