Ariel Winter Lawyer? Actress From ‘Modern Family’ Eyeing Law School

May 20, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ariel Winter, a lawyer? The Modern Family star, who plays genius Alex, has been inspired by her character to find a university in California and become a lawyer someday.

ariel winter lawyer

Ariel Winter is hoping to become a lawyer. In a new interview with E! News, Winter revealed that while she loves acting, she is hoping to continue school and pass the bar.

The Modern Family actress, just like her character, the socially impaired/genius/cutest girl with glasses Alex, has been touring universities in California and has plans to do the same on the East Coast.

“I would love to continue acting but it’s definitely important, I think, to go and do something else as well.You never know if something’s not going to work out, if one day acting is like, ‘No, we don’t like you anymore!’ You gotta have something else you can do,” she explained. “I’ve always been interested in law so I think it’ll definitely be something that I’ll love to do and also go to school for.” Winter said, “I toured around schools in California and I’m going to take a tour of East Coast schools.”

The 17-year-old made headlines last week when she announced that she was finally emancipated. Winter has been going through a very public fight with her mother, Chrisoula Workman. The petite star claimed that her mother physically and emotionally abused her.

Her sister, Shanelle Gray, who was named her guardian, said in court, “Workman has slapped, hit and pushed Ariel, as well as abused her in the form of vile name calling, personal insults about [her and her weight], attempts to ‘sexualize’ minor, deprivation of food, etc. for an extended period of time.”

Department of Children and Family Services found evidence that Workman only verbally abused her daughter. During the ordeal, Winter has reconnected with her estranged father, Glenn Workman.

What are your thoughts on Ariel Winter’s career plans?


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