Are Michael Jackson’s Kids Biologically His?

July 7, 2009 | By Garrett Montgomery | 35 Replies More

Are Michael Jackson’s Kids Biologically His? – Are Michael Jackson’s Kids Biologically His? That is the question being posed after millions of people watched Michael Jackson’s three children Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. aka Prince Michael, 12; Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 11; and Prince Michael II aka Blanket, 7, attend their dad’s public memorial service held at Staples Center on Tuesday (July 7) in Los Angeles.Jackson had Prince Michael and Paris with Debbie Rowe,while Blanket was born of an unidentified surrogate mother in Europe.No one can answer that question to be honest ,he may or may not be their biological father but after listening to Paris we call agree that he was the best daddy they ever had.
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    1. Crystal Brown says:

      As for Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. aka Prince Michael and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson I myself don’t think they are Micheal Biological kids, But Micheal been their throughout their entire life so therefor he will remain their for…

    2. MeMaH says:

      No one really knows for a fact that those are really his kids unless someone knows and was given money to keep quiet about it, but in all reality, if we found out they’re not his biologically it really doesn’t make a difference because he would still be their father, biologically or non. My best wishes to the Jackson family….Rest in Paradise Mj:) We love you:)

    3. al says:

      I think he is the biological father of the kids because they do kind of look like him and because his oldest son Prince, has his eyes.

      • Lu says:

        are you a fucking moron? biologically there is no way that he is/was the father. biologically Jackson was born a black man, having had several skin dye jobs over the course of his life (amongst other disasters). the kids are definitely white from birth, and i challenge you to find a doctor anywhere in the world which would perform the same skin procedures on a child. I’m sure jackson was a loving father in the traditional sense, however his paternity to the children would have to be a divine miracle.

        • Julie says:

          Hey Lu, perhaps you’re the moron, black people can have white kids, if their partner is white; Debbie Rowe is white!

          • LMS says:

            Yes, white and black people can have light skin children, but these children have no black features whatsoever. Do NOT believe that Michael is the bio dad.

        • Daniel says:

          Are you a fucking moron, the photos of them taken as children the were wering clothes to cover there image. those 3 kids i saw on television were almost black, very tanned. and fancy there mother being white, that they would have half cast skin.

          the reason the kids looked so white as children was due to the camera flash on there scrafe’s

          you idiot

          • Gilbert Grate says:

            Hmm, Michael’s two oldest are NOT his but the progeny of his dermatologist according to US magazine. They look nothing like Michael and if you see the pictures of the dermatologist without his glasses on he looks very much like Michael’s oldest boy. So who is the idiot now? Its extremely rare for black people married to white people to have white children. The black parent must have white blood themselves of course. Usually the skin tones mix and the children are a lighter shade of brown. Maybe if one of the kids was dark and the other light I’d be more inclined to believe the theory that MJ used his own sperm, but since they’re both lilly white and look nothing like Michael I was in doubt even before the US magazine story.

            • Sierra says:

              I’m just gonna jump in here really quick and say, In my honest opinion, I do think that Michael’s children are his biological children. Debbie was white and that’s a good explanation for their skin color. They definitely have Michael’s facial features, too. Though, whether or not they are his biological kids doesn’t matter. He loved them, they loved him. He was their father by heart if nothing else. I think it’s time we let Mchael rest, don’t you think he went through enough already? And Prince, Paris and Blanket are already in for a life of questioning and confusion directed at them… we should just let it go, and take the family’s word for it, because Michael doesn’t deserve this, and neither do his children!

            • Daryl-cueball says:

              In response to Gilbert Grate I say he is the smartes of you all!! I personally didn’t read the article in US Magazine, yet came to the same conclusion that, only Blanket is biologicaly his own, the 2 oldest are from another , I guess he wanted to pass on his gene to at least one child, Blanket looks nothing like the other 2.! And when Prince was a baby he had Platinum Blonde hair!! And Bue eyes! And so for the girl. Only Blanket is Michaels.

        • Hclark says:

          this is old but I decided to reply. The answer to this question is yes it is possible without a doubt to have a child that has very few features of a recessive trait. Normally darker pigment is a dominant trait, however if there is a history of that recessive trait down the family line then it can be pronounced and when it is pronounced once it is normally repeatedly pronounced. I am the result of such recessive trait being pronounced. My mother is black and my father white, I have very few features from the black side of my family. I was born with dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes. So yes it is possible and yep i’m definitely biologically my mothers. And to add to the topic, don’t believe everything you see on tv. I’ve seen mixed raced children or supposedly mixed race children on tv that look completely black, this almost never, ever happens. I live in the south and there are many products of mixed parents around here and you wouldn’t know unless that person told you at times.

    4. Alaona says:

      Whether he is not or is there biological father they think of him as on. He is the only parent any one of those kids know. Debby doesn’t need them. She only wants the money that they get. And they need to stay with thier family. The Jackson family. The family they know. She is a strager to them. And what are they going to do with blanket? She is not the mother of him. It would be so mean to take his brother and sister away from him.

    5. John says:

      Personally, I think that they are his children, esspecially the youngest one, Prince Michael Jackson II a.k.a. “Blanket” just based on that fact that he resembles Michael Jackson SO much. As for Prince Michael Jackson I and Paris Jackson, I think that they are his children as well. Say what you want to say about their skin color, however, if you look at LaToya Jackson, her skin is very fair looking as well, and she is 100% African American. The important thing to realize here is that whether he was their biological father or not is irrelevant. What’s important is that three innocent kids, who haven’t harmed a soul in their lives have lost their father. As much as I feel sorry for Michael Jackson and what happened to him given that he was still reasonably young, my heart goes out even further to his children because they have lost the only parent they have ever known. I hope that whoever ends up caring for these children will take great care of them. R.I.P. Michael Jackon a.k.a. The King of Pop.

    6. freya says:

      Of course they are not his biological kids. The chances of having one pure white child between mixed race parents is incredibly rare (but does happen) but to have 3 children, all pure white without the slightest hint of afro carribean is next to NONE. Ask any biologist.

    7. indee says:

      Blanket is the spittin’ image of Miko Brando. BOTH the boys are…perhaps Miko provided the sperm

    8. lori says:

      was up all night looking at pictures of his kids and comparing them to the other guy they said might be the father. but i couldn’t see any resemblence until i saw the picture of miki brando and wow…bam…. that was it! absolutely the two boys are miko brando’s. no doubt whatsoever! they have his eyes, hair,skin color. The oldest boy has his face shape. Since miko and micheal were so close and he’s the godfather. it only makes sense. ya’ll others who say their micheal’s are crazy!!!!!! and the girl looks like debbie rowe.

      • LMS says:

        I have thought that for a long time, that they are Miko’s children, that’s where the light tan skin comes from, Tahiti. No way did an african american person father children with platinum blonde hair which they had as small children. Never seen it before.

    9. alisa says:

      i dont get what ppl mean when they say mj’s kids dont look like him has mj’s ears cheeks and {old} nose 2.prince has mj’s eyecolor,cheeks,nose, and lips and blanket is a splitting image of mj when he was young exept with strait hair and lighter skil also blankit has mj’s dancing talentsthis is y i belive mjs kids are biologicaly his blood children

    10. Nikki says:

      I have to say I thought that they were not his kids Biologically either, but if you look closely there are some features that are the same. LIKE Eyebrows, Forehead and nose in the daughter. I have a family member that is white and had a child with someone black VERY BLACK!! The baby came out Very, Very white, but as time went on this child turned darker, but this child is still very very light the same color Michael’s Kids are.
      This child looks like both parents, but not exact features of each parent so it can be really hard to tell what parent they look like more!! Take my word for it this is true!! I have only one more thing I want to say they are beautiful children!!

    11. michael's fan says:

      of course they are his kids. Especially cute lil blanket looks just like him.

      Look at Victoria Rowell’s daughter (blond and blue–supposedly looks nothing like her…well suprise it’s her daughter from her previous husband who was white)

      ASSHOLE losers who think thye are not his kids need a life!

    12. Sam says:

      THOSE ARE NOT HIS BIOLOGICAL KIDS. Maybe Blanket, but not the two oldest ones. NO WAY.

    13. Max says:

      Michael Jackson’s children are his if you look at them closely when MJ was in the 80’s you will see there are some of the same looks like eyes shape of face, you know the children don’t have to have curly hair like MJ they are darker skined they are not that much lighter then mj in the 80’s. I for one belive they are MJ children because there are many people who have one black parent, and one white parent, and you would never know that they have a black parent. It really depends on the dominating gene whether they have straight hair curly hair or dark skin light skin, but if you really look yes they are his children. They are beautiful, and well behaved children you can see they had a good upbringing the sad part of this all these children lost a father that really loved them he did not push them aside, MJ took the time for his children. he was a loving father that is more then what I can say for some fathers today. That says Allot for MJ because there are allot of fathers that have no time for there children and they really don’t care about there children or what happens to them.
      thank you max

    14. Max says:

      One more thind I wold like to add I noticed that Michael protected them from the news, when they were little he covered there faces he did all things because he knew they would be hounded, so these would have to be his because if they were not really his then he would not go through everything he went through to protect them!!!

    15. obdiane says:

      I love Michael Jackson, really I do, and I always have. However, you would have to be in totally denial to think these kids are biologically his. Let’s remember the Michael of the 70’s (before any surgeries) with his the broad nose, dark skin, and kinky fro’ those are his traits…needless to say remember all of the Jacksons look similar (they have very strong genes).I am not saying that one or even two of the kids could not have come out with all white features, and no black features…..but all three? I have three bi-racial kids and they all have one or two of my African American features. These kids look totally white. Let’s be real. He is still their father, but not the biological one. I still love you Michael you will always be the, “king of pop”, you were a wonderful human.

      • jt says:

        Yes a great man king of pop…that liked kids a little too much!! Sorry have to be blind to think He was not a little to niice to young cute boys….

    16. Vanessa says:

      Those are his kids no matter what

    17. Deja says:

      Only a moron would believe those are his biological kids. It’s rediculous to compare his plastic surgery to the features of these children… Are you people smoking?!

    18. April says:

      Sorry, I know we’d all like to believe that Michael’s sperm had something to do with these children being born—but biologically, there is NO WAY he fathered these children. Come on people, we all know what biracial children look like—there are certain features and characteristics that are just associated with different races (i.e. Asian slanted/uncreased eyes). And while it is very possible that the maternal genes were dominant in this case, I highly doubt all three would come out looking NOTHING like Michael, or any member of his family! There is no indication of African American genes in those kids whatsoever. I’m not saying that the kids should look like Alicia Keys, Hally Berry or Lenny Kravitz (all biracial)—but it’s PURE biology and Paris & Prince are clearly of Caucausian decent. And although Blanket has a bit tanner skin, I’m still convinced that he may be of Caucasian (German) and something along the lines of Latin decent. If you ask any geneticist, DNA isn’t the only clear indication of a person’s ethnic background. Yes, Debbie Rowe is white—but Michael was a 100% kinky haired, full nosed, dark-skinned black man (before all the surgery). And some of these genes should have passed on somewhere along the line to at least ONE of the kids. Is it purely coincidental that all three come out without any type of African American features—no curly hair, no melanine in the skin, no full features??? I think not.

      There’s no doubt that he’s their father, in an adoptive sense and I’m sure he’s been a great dad to them. He’s had them all since birth! But the survey says NO to the inkling that his sperm created them. Of course, no one will ever officially confirm this for the sake of the kids. I suppose it doesn’t matter now anyway. I just hope the fact that he didn’t father these children biologically had nothing to do with his obvious self-hatred. It’d be a shame to be such an icon and had never left behind a child of your own, all because you dislike the way you look…

    19. April says:

      @Max Shut up, please—you sound borderline retarded. Get your head out the clouds…

    20. Marsha says:

      I can’t believe anyone could think any of these three kids are 100% white. If you see pictures of them next to a black person, they look white, but beside a white person, they have an obviously olive skin tone. I don’t know that they are MJ’s, but if not, the sperm donor was hispanic or black one or the other. Blanket, I really believe is MJ’s. He looks a lot like MJ as a child, just a shade lighter. He is the same shade as the average biracial child. The older two could be MJ’s as well. MJ’s dad is obviously mixed with something and has blue eyes. Genes can be passed down and not show up in the child, but be passed on to the grandchild. My son is biracial. His father is darker than MJ ever was; the whole family is Michael Jordan’s complexion. I am white with blond hair and blue eyes. Our son is Paris’ complexion with blue eyes, although he does have curlier hair. I thought it was unusual and couldn’t happen again, but when my ex remarried and had another child, she was even paler than my son with strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. Recessive genes can be really strong, especially when the white partner is of the blond/blue type.

      • Beverly says:

        Who knows if they are white or bi racial? Michael is in the real sense their Dad. Having said that. If he is not biological Dad he should have made that clear and told them from the beginning. He would still be a wonderful adoptive Dad. However, he is dead and now are they to grow up not knowing if they are white or bi racial? Not knowing if he is their biological father? If he is not then I feel it is wrong. They have a right to know. If he was their adopdive dad they would still love him and have wonderful memories. I just hope for their sake they know if he is biologicaly their dad.

    21. Tim5365 says:

      Bottom line is … if you can take a photo of michael (before all the surgeries, and compare it to pics of the kids, and you can see the true Jackson features (especially the nose) and there are similarities … their more than likely MJs!!

    22. jc says:

      Don’t understand why it’s so offensive to hear that MJ’s kids ARE NOT his biological children. Two of three have ZERO african-american features. The third one does have some African American features. But regardless, he was a Father to them and that was all that mattered.

      Note: For those that still insist the MJ was their Biological Father, take a look at all of MJ’s Nephews (from his famous Jackson5 Brothers). Similar to him, they only married white ladies (mostly blondes). You will notice that ALL the children have African American features……case solved!!!!

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