Anna Kendrick Torture: Actress Anna Kendrick Claims That Getting Her Nails Done Is ‘Torture’

January 11, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

An Anna Kendrick torture comment is raising eyebrows. Kendrick claims that torture and getting her nails done are the same. In a recent interview, the actress revealed that unlike other women, she is not a fan of pedicures and massages because she feels like she is being tortured by the people pampering her.

Anna Kendrick torture

For Anna Kendrick, torture is when a person gets their nails done or get a massage. In a new interview with People magazine, Anna Kendrick spilled all of her beauty secrets.

Miss Kendrick confessed to using some high end cosmetics to look flawless and also becoming addicted to products that are sold at her local drug store.

Anna Kendrick, who should become a spokesperson for Schick, revealed that she can not live without Schick Intuition Plus Renewing Moisture Razor Refill that sells for about 16 bucks.

According to Kendrick, no woman on this planet should be using regular razors. She explained:

“If you’re not using Intuition razors, you’re wasting everybody’s time. It cuts your shower time in half. Whenever I hear someone is still using a separate shave gel, it’s like hearing they still use dial-up Internet.”

You hear that ladies, it is time to get broadband internet. Moving on to how she keeps her lips moisturized – she uses eos Organic Smooth Sphere Lip Balm and lip creams by Hourglass. Anna Kendrick said:

“I have this one by Hourglass; it’s an oil with this gold-tip applicator, and it’s schmancy-schmancy.When you get to the point that your lips are cracking, the price is worth it.”

Anna Kendrick revealed that she has become a fan of Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Even-Finish Foundation since working on Into the Woods. Cinderella, oops, we mean Anna, said:

“I actually blend the 0 and the 3.25 shades together because that’s what my makeup artist did for Into the Woods. I would not have thought to blend two colors that aren’t side by side on the color spectrum, but it looks gorgeous.”

Now, it is time for the Anna Kendrick torture story. The actress revealed that she hates manicures, pedicures, and soothing massages, because they feel like torture. The 29-year-old entertainer explained:

“I find getting my nails done the most tedious thing. I’m such a fidgety person; it’s like torture.”

Miss Anna Kendrick went on to add:

“Everybody loves massages; I don’t know what my problem is. I feel like I have to talk to the masseuses. Pretty soon, I’m asking for their grandma’s recipe for apple pie and pretending like I’m interested. Why? Besides, I’d rather do this face to face when their hands aren’t all over my naked body.”

What are your thoughts on the Anna Kendrick torture comment?


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  1. DL King says:

    Torture is having to constantly read what these vapid, inane, and self-absorbed miscreants are feeling whilst the world is burning in ruins.

  2. Leigh says:

    First of all, I’m glad to see there are no scathing remarks comparing the rather insipid comparison. Why bother? Secondly, WHO CARES? If the younger generation focused as sharply on our problems as a nation rather than the inane conversations of the rich and boring I might have some hope for their future.

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