Anna Kendrick Hack: Leak Hits ‘Pitch Perfect’ Star

September 29, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Anna Kendrick leak

Anna Kendrick hack and leak are topics that have gone viral on Monday, after hacked private photos of the talented actress found their way online. “The Fappening” part 3 debuted over the weekend and new victims include Kendrick, British model Cara Delevingne, Baywatch actress Brooke Burns and Continuum star Rachel Nichols.

An Anna Kendrick hack has celebrities worrying about who will be the next victim of “The Fappening?” At this point the celebrity hacking scandal seems unstoppable despite the involvement of the FBI. The third episode of “The Fappening” was less dramatic than the previous ones, which included more celebrities.

87 photos of Kendrick leaked online, the good news for the Up in the Air actress is that she appears fully clothed in all of them. They show the 29-year-old Portland, Maine native having fun with her friends at different parties. In some, Kendrick can be seen pretending to kiss her girlfriends, while in others she is wearing a sexy angel costume.

The Anna Kendrick leak did not get an official response response from her PR team. Few weeks ago, when the celebrity hacking scandal first started, the “Cups (Pitch Perfect’s When I’m Gone)” singer did share the following tweet.

Kendrick was at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in early September to promote The Voices with Ryan Reynolds and her new movie The Last 5 Years, a musical comedy-drama that will be released on February 14, 2015, and she was asked about “The Fappening.” Here is what she said:

“I’m paranoid, and with good reason, clearly, as we’ve learned from the last couple of weeks. It certainly makes me sad for the girls who were affected, and bummed out that people won’t be able to do that stuff, because it’s a part of life and if you want to you should be able to. When stuff like that happens, I feel really grateful for my paranoia and really sad for people who are just trying to live their life like a normal person. And I hope that guy goes to jail.”

Anna Kendrick hack now puts her in the same boat as her good friend, Parks and Recreation actress, Aubrey Plaza who was hit by the leak during “The Fappening” part 1.


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