Aniston Throwback Pic: Jennifer Aniston Shares Throwback Photo In Peak Form With Andrea Bendewald

May 26, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Aniston’s throwback pic is as epic as you would imagine. For one short day, Jennifer Aniston was on Instagram and took over her company’s Living Proof’s account where she posted a throwback photo of herself and Andrea Bendewald.

aniston throwback picture

Jennifer Aniston‘s throwback pic will bring you right back to the 1990s. On May 12, the official Instagram account for Living Proof, the beauty and hair care company co-owed by Jennifer Aniston was turned over to her.

A picture of Aniston was added to the site with the following announcement:

“Special treat for our Instagram fans: our own Jen Aniston is taking over our feed for the day. Take it away, Jen!”

Jennifer Aniston, who is (almost) never on social media, decided to give the world a tiny glimpse of her life. Miss Aniston showed pictures of her very light breakfast and lunch. She Instagrammed a pic of herself doing yoga with her dogs. She even gave few beauty secrets – cutting your hair will not make it fuller.

Aniston explained that she is currently reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, (pretty good book by the way – spoiler, Megan’s killer is not lover #1 and Rachel should have moved on with her life.)

Out of the posts she shared, Jennifer Aniston’s biggest hit was a throwback pic where she can be seen with good friend and actress, Andrea Bendewald. The throwback photo featured Aniston and Bendewald in floral dresses and bangs. The Friends star captioned the pic:

“#tbt to a time before we had Living Proof.”

Aniston’s fiancée, Justin Theroux, was nowhere in the photos, and it seems that there might be trouble in paradise. A source said:

“It’s clear that Jennifer possessed the fame and power in the relationship, and maybe Justin finally grew tired of skulking about in her Red Carpet shadow – that’s if he decided to accompany her, of course. Ironically, Jen has been the sole leader in planning the alleged wedding. With that in mind, the stories of her wedding plans have always had the mystique akin to a ‘shotgun wedding’ without any pregnancy”

What are your thoughts on Aniston’s throwback pic?

Sophie loves a cucumber

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COULD. NOT. PUT. DOWN. Now late for dinner #obsessed

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aniston throwback pic


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