Angler 809-Pound Shark Catch: Texas Fisher Catches 809-Pound Tiger Shark

August 7, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Angler 809 Pound Catch Shark Pic

Angler 809-pound shark catch goes in the history books. A Texas angler by the name of Ryan Spring, made the catch of a lifetime by reeling in a massive 809-pound tiger shark. The angler said it took over 7 hours to catch the shark. Spring plans to donate the 809 pounds of meat to charities.

Last Saturday an angler fishing with family and friends managed, to catch an impressive tiger shark that weighed 809 pounds.

Ryan Spring told local media outlets that he was on his small boat off the Texas Gulf Coast, with his father and few pals when he caught the enormous fish using stingray as bait.

The monster tiger shark was not going down without a fight. Spring explained that at 8 PM the shark, bit the hook while he was about 5 miles off Port Aransas.

The man was fishing at the right time, because according to experts, tiger sharks are mostly nocturnal hunters, who feed on a variety of sea creatures including smaller sharks.

The creature, which is on the endangered species list dragged the tiny vessel, more than 15 miles and the chase lasted more than 8 hours.

The San Antonio man said he saw the fish for the first time 5 hours into the fight and was surprised to discover that it was a tiger shark because he believed only a hammerhead could have been so powerful.

Mr Spring who is a deck installer needed the help, of more than a dozen men to get the sea tiger onto the dock.

Once on land the fisher discovered that his historic catch weighed 809 pounds and measured at 12 feet, 7 inches long.

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife, this is the second biggest tiger shark caught in the state, Chap Cain holds the title thanks to the 1,129-pound creature he captured in 1992.

So what will the angler do with his 809-pound shark?

He plans to give some of the meat to friends and family, and donate most of it to charities that feed the homeless.


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  1. Paul says:

    Ever hear of catch and release? This species is on the endangered species list? I don’t care how big it is, be a sportsman.

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