Anger Management Ending: Sheen’s FX Show Canceled

December 23, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Anger Management ending, Sheen is set to also say goodbye to Two and a Half Men. It is time to turn the page on Charlie Sheen, who will see the ending of two of the shows he starred in. Anger Management is ending tonight, while Two and a Half Men will end its final season in February.

anger management ending sheen

Anger Management ending, Sheen might now appear in the last episode of Two and a Half Men, according to News OXY.

In a lengthy press release by FX, it has been announced that Anger Management, which starred Charlie Sheen, along with Selma Blair (who left the show after one season after allegedly butting head with Sheen), Shawnee Smith, Daniela Bobadilla, Michael Arden, and Noureen DeWulf, is ending on Monday December 22nd.

The final episode will air at 10 p.m. on FX. Anger Management focused on a non-traditional therapist named Charlie Goodson, who mainly works with clients dealing with anger issues.

Mr Charlie Goodson was a former baseball player, who ended his career by breaking a bat on his knee out of frustration. The show followed the crazy therapist as he battled his demons, juggled his ex-wife and the many men she is dating, his 13-year-old daughter who is battling obsessive-compulsive disorder, his lover and therapist, Kate Wales (Selma Blair).

In 2012, when Anger Management premiered, it had record ratings, with about 6 million viewers, which prompted the network to order 90 more episodes, which only got half of the ratings, Examiner reports.

Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management is ending so is his long-running CBS’ series, Two and a Half Men, after 12 season, the comedy will wrap in 2015.

At the end of season 8 of Two and a Half Men, Sheen and the creator of the show, Chuck Lorre, had a very public fall-out that lead to him being fired.

But as of recently, Sheen has stated that he would love to appear in the show one last time, and it seems that he might get his wish. In a new interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ashton Kutcher, the main star of Two and a Half Men, hinted that maybe Sheen will be back for a final goodbye.

Next year, Charlie Sheen will also reprise his Ferris Bueller’s Day Off role as the “Boy in the Police Station” on The Goldbergs.

What are your thoughts on Anger Management ending? Sheen is turning a big page in his career. Where do you see it going from here?


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  1. Sad that AG is Ending! says:

    I love AG and Charlie Sheen. I just began watching this show. I know he will have another great show!

  2. Bruce says:

    ‘Two and a half’ was never the same after Charlie left. Not taking anything away from the other actors, but Sheen was the engine. As for Anger Management, it never really hit the spot. Lasted longer than I thought it would. The writing wasn’t as smart and witty, so no big deal with its cancellation. Good luck on his future endeavors. I hope to see him one last time on 2~1/2.

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