Anatomically Correct Doll: Toys R Us Doll Slammed Over Boy Genitals

August 2, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Anatomically Correct Doll Toys R Us

Toys “R” Us anatomically correct doll creates a stir. This week, Toys “R” Us, unveiled its new doll collection from You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper Doll and many shoppers were upset to find out the male doll was anatomically correct. Parents, who are used to buying dolls with no genitals are bashing the company, for not putting a warning on the box, that clearly states that they are getting a toy that is anatomically correct for their young children.

Anatomically correct doll from Toys “R” Us causes drama. Toys “R” Us Inc. is under fire after unveiling their latest collection of You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper Doll which features a male doll that is anatomically correct.

The doll is suitable for kids 2 and up, retails for about $25 comes dressed in a blue onesis, matching bonnet, two extra underpants and a feeding bottle. The plastic toy cries and pees.

While parents were happy with the features mentioned above, they were less thrilled to find out the toy is not gender neutral.

Facebook was on fire, after one mother posted a picture the doll sans clothes to show the world, that Toys “R” Us had produced a doll with a penis.

The toy and juvenile-products retailer was slammed for the product. One parent said it was inappropriate.

Another stated that the company should have added a warning sticker on the box.

A mother asked who in the world would want their 4-year-old daughter playing with a doll like that.

But not everyone is freaking out over the doll.

A large group of people explained that parents can use the doll teach the kids the difference between a girl and a boy.

Most people who purchased the doll were pregnant women, who used it to show their child/children what their baby brother will look like when mom and dad change his diapers.


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  1. Kellen Whitley says:

    It’s about time we moved out of the body-shame dark ages. Girl dolls have had breasts for a long time. I doubt that anyone will be turned into a pillar of salt for fixing their gaze on a set of male genitalia. If the people objecting to the anatomically correct doll weren’t so perverted and sick this would be laughable.

  2. Sydney McCormick says:

    Congratulations to Toys R Us for finally doing the correct thing! Manufacturing this doll took courage – it was the right thing to do, and long overdue! This is not pornography or filth. This is life, people. Actual real life. By the way…it wasn’t until the 1930s that boys were dressed in blue. They’d been in pink up until then. Get over it, people.

  3. Johnie says:

    What a bunch of prudes! if they don’t like it no one is forcing them to buy one.

  4. kristina richardson says:

    I think this is a good idea! Everybody calm down…if you don’t like the idea, then don’t buy it!

  5. OzzieMatt says:

    Whoever complained of this has completely lost their marbles.

    Are they going to advocate making Barbie gender neutral too?

  6. Valeria says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake people, Barbie dolls have been as anatomically correct as they were allowed to be for how many years now? Why is THIS what’s causing a stir?

  7. Stingy Nina says:

    Stand up to the bashers and slammers!! Its a PENIS….ohhhhh what a scary word!! Get real….if you want your kids to play ‘mommy’ with dolls, well….there are girls and boys born every day! Bet these are the same ones who were all for the ‘breast fed’ doll though!!

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