Amy Poehler Red Hair: Actress’ New ‘Do Turns Her Into A Redhead

April 9, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

Amy Poehler’s red hair is a big change for those who follow her. Poehler’s new ‘do is a sign that the Leslie Knope era is really behind us. The Parks and Recreation actress debuted the new look in Los Angeles on Tuesday night at the 60th anniversary celebration of Allen Ginsberg’s poem “Howl.” Since the 43-year-old star can do no wrong, the change in hairstyle was an instant hit with fans on social media.

Amy Poehler new do

Amy Poehler has dumped her blonde locks and decided to dye her hair red. Poehler’s new ‘do was unveiled last night in L.A. The Baby Mama star wore a black jacket and black pants at the event making it very hard to ignore her new hairstyle. The mother of two also sported very little makeup, which accentuated the focus on her new hairdo.

No one knows why Poehler opted to make a drastic change, but most commentators believe that she might be working on a new project. It could be a movie or TV series. The change may also have something to do with Poehler wanting a fresh look for spring. This is highly unlikely since the comedian never ditched her blonde locks before to mark the arrival of a new season.

At first, some supporters thought Amy Poehler’s red hair was a wig, but experts at PEOPLE suggest otherwise. What we do know is that Poehler was working on a film called Sisters earlier this year, a comedy directed by Jason Moore and produced by her good friend, Tina Fey, who also has the lead role in it. Universal Pictures released stills for the flick in January and Poehler was sporting her trademark blonde locks.

Poehler did not mention her new hairdo when she addressed the crowd Tuesday, but she did deliver a controversial joke about abortion. She stated:

“Live abortions! Raise your hand if you’ve had an abortion… or you can just slap me five when you leave.”

What are your thoughts on Amy Poehler’s red hair? Was it a mistake?


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