Amber Portwood Staying Sober: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Fights To Stay Sober

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Amber Portwood Staying Sober

Amber Portwood is staying sober, at least she is trying to. The star of MTV reality series “Teen Mom” is doing her best to overcome her addictions. Portwood shares her story in a new book called Never Too Late that is set to be published on August 26.

Never Too Late, co-authored with Beth Roeser, will reveal some of the secrets of one of the most controversial reality TV stars in history. Amber Portwood’s battle to remain sober will be a crucial part of the book.

Portwood who recently spent 17 months in prison on drugs charges, has been wrestling with her addictions for a very long time. Now, she is determined to get the best of them. With her usual candor and humor, she is admitting that staying sober and clean has not been very easy since she was released from prison in November. The young mother told

“The first day I was out… it’s whenever things are overwhelming for me, or any sort of emotion — sadness, depression, anything — it is very easy to go back to doing drugs because you don’t want to feel that way.”

The 24-year-old says that it is a very hard struggle, but she is going to give it her all for the sake of her family and her 6-year-old child Leah Leann Shirley. Portwood’s medical condition has made her recovery a bit more complicated.

Leah’s mother was diagnosed with anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression. The star of “16 & Pregnant” is afraid to seek help. She told Radar via The Hollywood Gossip:

“It is hard but the sad thing about it is that I probably do need to be on medication for my bipolar but I kind of messed that up to where, at this moment, I don’t feel I would be strong enough to go to a doctor. I’m just afraid.”

Portwood has different things to deal with. On one hand there is the mental diagnosis and on the other, there is the drug addiction problem. This is nothing new for the reality star, according to NewsOXY, she tried to get help from Dr. Drew in 2012 for her addiction to opiates.

Amber Portwood staying sober is a long and difficult journey, but her supporters are rooting for her success.


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