Amber Lancaster, ‘Price Is Right’ Model Set Blooper Goes Viral

October 26, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Amber Lancaster, a Price Is Right model, is set to become an Internet celebrity after she tripped in her towering stilettos and broke a light bulb as a contestant was playing the “Double Prices” game. Via Twitter, the model revealed that she is very embarrassed by the incident while mocking Donald Trump.

price is right model set

A Price Is Right model stumbled on the set, became a trending topic on the Web and used her time in the spotlight to show love for Bernie Sanders and mock Donald Trump.

Meet Amber Lancaster, a 35-year-old model from The Price Is Right, who is making headlines after she accidentally broke light bulbs on the set of the game show.

The model, who recently lost 15 pounds, was standing on the stage as host Drew Carey announced that it was time for a commercial break after a lucky contestant won the “Double Prices” game.

Out of nowhere, Lancaster, who was next to Carey, appeared to trip in her stilettos and almost fell backwards. She landed on a row of light bulbs and smashed one into pieces, prompting her to say, “what..geez!” The contestant asked Lancaster if she was fine, she answered:

“I’m fine but I going to die of embarrassment.”

Carey told viewers:

“We’re gonna fix that light bulb. We’ll be right back.”

Lancaster, who has been on the TV show since 2008, has been very active on Twitter talking about the #soembarrassed moment. She tweeted:

“Yep that’s me. Just stumbling around on stage for no reason at all. #soembarrassed.”

She later shared:

In case you missed my embarrassing blooper that aired yesterday, here ya go.”

The former Miss Washington Teen USA, who has been battling hypothyroidism, added:

“Who is Mashable and why are they telling all my friends about my embarrassing @PriceIsRight blooper?! Lol #AmbersBootyVsLightbulb.”

Lancaster is the second Price Is Right model in 2015 to have an embarrassing moment. Earlier this year, model Manuela Arbeláez made a historical mistake by accidentally giving away a $21,960 car.


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  1. Justina says:

    Feel the bern, he is goin to the white house lol

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