Alyssa Milano Shut Down Breastfeeding In Public Critic Wendy Williams On Her Show

January 12, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Alyssa Milano shut down another mother, who is not a fan of breastfeeding in public. Milano and Wendy Williams had a mini throwdown as they talked about breastfeeding with the actress threatening to “whip them out on the set,” and the TV host repeating that a woman should be more than just a mother adding that breasts have other purposes.

alyssa milano shut down

Alyssa Milano shut down Wendy Williams during a passionate exchange over breastfeeding. Last week, Alyssa Milano appeared on the Wendy Williams Show – which opened in a fun way with the pair talking about the actress’ short hair and cute dress.

The duo also talked about Milano’s two young children – Milo Thomas and Elizabella, but the conversation quickly turned to how do you get your body back after two pregnancies. Milano said she lost 50 pounds on her own by cutting carbs and sugar, and she has been exercising while confessing she felt no pressure to drop the baby weight – the actress shed the pounds to get back into the clothes she loves.

An eager Williams rapidly jumped in the so-called controversy surrounding Milano and countless celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr, who often share pictures of themselves breastfeeding on Instagram.

Williams made a not-so-funny remark about Milano having too many breastfeeding photos, and added:

“I don’t need to see that.”

Milano told the TV personality that it is natural for a mother to nurse her baby and went on to ask, why are people happy to see Miley Cyrus‘ nipples but get upset over her Instagram pictures? Milano explained:

“Everyone’s fine with her nipples being out. I think people are more comfortable sexualizing breasts than relating them to what they were made for, which is feeding another human.”

Williams, who had a funny answer, said:

“Because I just don’t want to, I don’t see them like that, you breastfeed for few months and for the rest of your life they are fun bags.”

Milano made a bold statement by saying:

“You have to realize that all over the world … you’re the not normal. You’re lucky the baby’s not here, I’d whip ‘em out and feed him right on your show.”

Williams explained that she breastfed her son for two weeks, and said that it makes her uncomfortable.

In 2013, Alyssa Milano shut down production on the show Mistresses to breastfeed her son. She said at the time:

“Everyone had to be very patient with me when we filmed the pilot of the show because I was still breastfeeding. Every two hours they shut down production for 20 minutes and allowed me to pump, which was lovely … and odd.”

Milano has plans to breastfeed her children until they are six years old.

What are your thoughts on Alyssa Milano’s position regarding breastfeeding?


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Boat shack.

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Make-up, hair in rollers, breastfeeding and being prepped by our producer for #TheTalk.

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  1. Laurie says:

    Breast feeding: YES! Until 6 years old? Hell NO!!

    • Angelo says:

      Seriously, that’s too young to stop. Let them breastfeed till they’re 12!

    • Momofnine says:

      Your body! your child! Every Mother has the right and obligation to do what she believes best for her child. Any mother/woman who doesn’t support another’s choice should but out. People all over the world feed their children unashamedly an for years. The children do not have any psychological problems due to it. They have strong family ties. Our culture is way behind in a lot of areas.

  2. Joanie says:

    Personally It’s her business how and when she feeds her children. I respect her for supporting breastfeeding, although why when the child has teeth and is no doubt eating all kinds of food would she want to breast feed til they are 6. It’s not going to strengthen the bond. Is 6 the cut off because the child will be in school all day? I’m curious. I would think the child would ask, “Mommy, how come nobody else does this”. Bottom line, it’s her business.

    • Meghan says:

      Breastfeeding until 6 is not about the child anymore but about the mom not willing to let go.
      Milano just likes to stay in the spotlight in anyway possible.
      I’m hoping her comment was her being facetious

  3. Meghan says:

    Why is this even a topic anymore?
    I am so sick of this issue!! If you want to breastfeed then do so, if you want to formula feed then that is wonderful too!
    If you don’t like women breastfeeding in public then don’t look!!!!
    Personally I think Milano likes the controversy that her countless breastfeeding pics cause but again, who cares what I think and who cares what she thinks about breastfeeding. It is a personal CHOICE for each mother to make if breastfeeding is the right thing for her and her baby.

    • Tony says:

      humans, just because they have a big brain they seem to forget they are still just animals, when somebody whines about breastfeeding the people that don’t like it look like they feel that they are soooo good for some reason, it would be better for people to whine about humans killing each other, that would make more sense

  4. Edie says:

    I breastfed both kids in public thirty years ago; it was never never an issue. I occasionally notice women breastfeeding in public,the only people who are aware are other women who breastfed and or others whose have had close family member who breastfed. If you are not exposing yourself intentionally no one is going to notice. It really disingenuous to say you have to hide under a breastfeeding blanket, you don’t, but they are nice. I’m not sure my kids would have stayed under one past 5 or 6 months. I breastfed until my youngest was 2 1/2. Oldest stopped earlier. At that age their mom needs to be much more aware, but needn’t show her breast unless she has an agenda, doesn’t care or is intentionally exposing herself. I tried to have feeling for others on their sensibilities, but that seems the last thing people care and go out of way to offend needlessly. I breastfed poolside an no one knew son was nursing. It looked like my son was taking a nap, so give me break it can’t be done. The family we met on vacation told me they didn’t know I was nursing him until my son asked me in front of them. My boys were very active and loved to come up for just a nip. I’m not “special yet was able to keep covered so I wasn’t not exposing myself nor was I making any male embarrassed. Many of my friends breastfed late and it wasn’t a nipples fest. I only knew anyone who breastfed because I belonged to a supporter group. I think the issue has been made by those breastfeeding. We live in a more tolerate time than when my group of friends breastfed and there was not an issue with public breastfeeding. Our concern and it was a big one, the lack of medical support. Women pumped and still worked. As said I lived in less tolerant time and had no issues outside the medical care. This generation makes problems where none exist.
    As far as age of breastfeeding I got some mild question ing nothing more. But that was someone’s opinion; it wasn’t their business, so told them only what I wanted and it that was an end.
    Breastfeeding to 5 & up “may” have more to do with mom than child.They usually will go independent on own earlier. Letting them quit breastfeeding when they choose makes them very independent. They are made to feel safe, so don’t fear. Age is one thing that is between mom and child and I tend to go with mom on knowing her child that is why I put “may”, yet have also seen a mom pushing the late age on her child.
    We are so full of exhibitionism that it is less about a woman’s right to breastfeed for benefit of her child, than her right to expose herself. Don’t kid yourself.

  5. Edie says:

    One last comment:do those pictures look sexual or looks Sexual because she posed that way. Milano choses to make it sexual, instead, she could have chose to show the world you can breastfed in public and no will notice. It would encourage more women to breastfeed if they were shown you can take your child with you and not have to hid in restroom, gross. I love it when I pick up on that a woman is breastfeeding it makes me feel good about the world. It a beautiful thing.

  6. Hilary says:

    Breastfeeding is so much healthier for babies and we evolved breasts for that purpose. If some people see breasts as purely sexual objects that says something about where their heads are at. I don’t know of any woman who breastfeeds just so she can expose herself. That’s stupid.

    • Kate Powell says:

      I know it is stupid… and by no means am I saying that all women do this, but I did have a friend who would sit with her breasts out, only around men, long after she and the baby were finished. So, albeit crazy, but it does happen. Which, I have no problem with, it just seemed like at dinner parties and birthdays, or any other event where our boyfriends, fiances, or husbands were there, she would make sure she was the center of attention, often sitting around with herself still exposed. I know as a society, we like to think the best of people, but shockingly, there are women in this world who like getting attention and breastfeeding can be used as an excuse to be bare up there! ha ha. Imagine if you weren’t breastfeeding, just taking the girls out in public, that wouldn’t bode well. Again, I am not trying to offend anyone, I just had a little anecdote that I thought would lighten the comments up.

  7. Jack says:

    I think it’s a beautiful healthy and natural thing for a woman to breastfeed her child. Anyone who objects needs to lighten up and leave the room or whatever if it bothers them. Good for the women who are comfortable and put the bonding and health of their child over the shaming they’re receiving from uptight women who apparently only see breasts as a means to turn a guy on. that’s just ignorance!

    • Patrick S. says:

      Urinating is natural and healthy. Should I just whip it out and go wherever I happen to be when the urge hits? How about changing diapers right on the table in a restaurant or at your desk at work? We wear clothing and have private rooms for a reason.

      Modesty. Anyone remember what that is?

      • Kate Powell says:

        Yes, but we have a place for urinating, it’s the restroom. The same goes for changing diapers. That same place should not have to be designated for women to breastfeed as well. That is not sanitary, so if it makes you uncomfortable to see a boob, don’t look, or be more mature. Men shouldn’t have an opinion when it comes to how a woman feeds her baby. Also, if you want to complain about modesty, don’t do so on a comment section about breastfeeding, go to any other sites regarding porn, pop stars, actors, advertisements… basically, everything is sexualized in today’s society. However, breastfeeding should not be, because there is nothing sexual about it. Additionally, the fact that you do believe that it is immodest proves my point, you can’t distinguish between what is and what is not sexual, because of societal norms and media, you are getting confused. The word “modest” is defined as, dressing or behaving so as to avoid impropriety or indecency, especially to avoid attracting sexual attention. When a woman breastfeeds, I can assure you, she is not looking for sexual attention. It is extremely sexist and chauvinistic to see a woman breastfeeding and assume that she is being immodest because she is being indecent, or that she wants sexual attention from you. If you really feel that way, get over yourself.

  8. Linda says:

    I am a mom:
    I have always said; DO not insult me. It is offensive, disgusting, insulting, immoral, inappropriate, etc. to show your privates in public.
    There are places you can go out of site. Men are not allowed to show their privates! NOR SHOULD YOU FEMALES.

  9. Thor9 says:

    Alyssa Milano, the champion of breast-feeding. I will say that during the colonial period of the United States Breast-feeding was the norm. I do not know why–what is so natural to the human condition in child rearing has to be villainize. There are still parts of the world that breast-feeding in Public is fine. Yea–Alyssa.

  10. Cathy says:

    The issue is not her right to breasted in public.. The real question is WHY?! What is her purpose for sharing such a personal (and beautiful) experience? IS she that narcissistic? Does she REALLY need the ATTENTION?..IF there were no social media would she have someone taking pictures of her every time she breatst fed? So what is her MOTIVATION?…I assure you, there is definitely a motivation?..

  11. Sgt. Major says:

    Can I get in line . Good for you mom. The baby is beautiful.

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