Alsu Ivanchenko Puppy: Staten Island Alleged Puppy Abuser Faces Up To 2 Years In Prison

October 24, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Alsu Ivanchenko, the alleged puppy abuser from Staten Island, appeared in court on Thursday, where she pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty charges. Miss Ivanchenko is accused of throwing her puppy formerly named Snowflake, out of a moving car. The dog now known as Charlotte, suffered brain trauma, a fractured skull and broken leg.

Alsu Ivanchenko Puppy

Alsu Ivanchenko, who allegedly injured the puppy by stuffing her into a plastic bag, made her first court appearance. Ivanchenko is also accused of throwing Charlotte out of a car.

On Thursday, dressed in a fancy coat, sunglasses and with her face hidden under a scarf, Miss Alsu Ivanchenko showed up at the Staten Island Supreme Court, where she was greeted by a group of angry protesters.

Despite the pouring rain, about 10 animal lovers, some with signs that read “Justice for Charlotte,” and others accompanied by their dogs, shouted at Ivanchenko as she tried to enter the building.

On September 12th, Ivanchenko made headlines after she was caught tossing her 3-month-old puppy from a car near the railway fence at South Railroad and Hopkins Avenues.

According to the police report, Alsu Ivanchenko claimed that she could no longer financially care for the sick Maltese-Shih Tzu mix, then-named Snowflake, which is why she dumped her.

The dog survived, but suffered a long list of injuries, including a fractured skull, femur, brain trauma and loss of vision.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) rescued the puppy, renamed her Charlotte.

According to a statement issued by the non-profit organization, Charlotte has been making minor progress after having surgery. Ivanchenko has been indicted for felony aggravated cruelty to animals, charged with torturing and injuring animals, and abandonment of a disabled animal.

Miss Alsu Ivanchenko is free on $3,500 bail and has agreed to a ban on possessing a companion animal.

Ivanchenko, dubbed the puppy abuser from New York is set to appear in court on January 13, she could face up to two years in prison.

Alsu Ivanchenko Puppy Pic


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  1. WhyIsIt says:

    This is crazy. We penalize people for cruelty to animals but our tax dollars have been funding cruelty to humans by the millions (abortion).

  2. cindra broenner says:

    I think she should get the death penalty.Then these other pieces of garbage will know that there will be serious consequences for the next attack like this.

  3. saywhat says:

    Stuff her in a plastic bag and toss her out of an airplane lets see how she feels

    • Terry Kegler says:

      Totally Agreed!

    • Shari says:

      I totally agree. She is horrible! If she couldn’t take care of the puppy any longer, why didn’t she just take her to the pound? Throwing her out of a car window is just totally cruel. What is wrong with people?

  4. Virginia says:

    People like this have no excuse for such cruelty. Her explanation that she could no longer care for the dog is a lie. She could have released ownership to any animal shelter with no questions asked. But she chose the path of cruelty because she WANTED to kill the dog. It is that simple. The world is full of such evil sadistic people like this female… who does not even deserve to be called human.

  5. Nefertiti Harrison says:

    She should get at least 5 years in prison with no bail. That is ridiculous and uncalled for. People that abuse animals have no place in society. If she could not care for the animal why didn’t she take it to the humane society or local vet.

  6. vivienne smith says:

    They should take you for a ride doing 90 and throw you out. Jail is too good for you.

  7. Jill says:

    I wish someone would beat the sh8t out of her and throw her from a car, Maybe it just might knock some sense into her but at least justice will be served

  8. Rosa Nicklaus says:

    Any updates on Charlotte?

    • Jo JO says:

      they sold it to a Chinese restaurant, tasted great…kinda like chicken !

      • Valeria says:

        Wow, you’re a troll. I bet you’re secretly cooing and grinning at Charlotte’s picture but you’re too pigheaded to admit it.

  9. Kim Tharp says:

    Why don’t we deport you back to where ever you came from. There is no room in this world for evil women like you… do you want to take someone on? How about me, instead of an 8 pound puppy. I would be happy to do something that would garner some jail time so I could whip your a$$ and mop the floor with your sorry excuse of a human. Violence begets violence. How about taking someone like me on for size… afraid?

    Plus, I don’t need to flash my Russian made gun to show you who the boss is my fists and your face a lethal combination. Skank.. I hope you get the maximum sentence and become someone’s bitch in prison

  10. Bev Ziegelmeyer says:

    She needs to go to jail. Or better yet, she needs to suffer the same way that beautiful little baby did. When I sit and cry practically everyday because I had to put my 17 year old Lab to sleep a year ago feeling like I killed her, this useless piece of crap treats hers like nothing. Go to hell lady……….

  11. Ernest T. Bass says:

    I throw a few rocks once in a while , but only at windows. As far as she goes I’d like to smack the sheet out of her.

  12. Tulip Biserka says:

    Two years? How about fife. It would be more appropriate.

  13. James B says:

    Wrap that Trash in a plastic bag and toss her sorry worthless ass in front of a train , no animal deserves any form of misconduct,much less than what that tramp did, geesh people take the tramp out and put a bullet in her head, no wait don’t waste a good bullet on TRASH

  14. tbruce says:

    I don’t understand why the courts don’t also tack on the cost to rehabilitate and care for the animal in addition to the small fines they give in these cases. So if it cost $25,000 to care for the dog, she has to pay all that back, like a student loan.

    • tulip biserka says:

      I absolutely agree. Obviously she has enough money for the fancy clothing she is wearing. What a superficial human trash.

  15. Sherry says:

    Two years in prison is not enough. She needs needs more jail time followed by community service for two years at an animal shelter after her release and a lifelong ban from pet ownership.

  16. charlotte R. says:

    This woman should get the maximum sentence,if she no longer wanted the dog there were so many other ways, like finding her a new home taking her to a shelter. This woman is a piece of garbage and should be treated that way.I would love to have a dog so cute, I have 4 little ones that I adopted and they are such a joy and love unconditionally.

  17. Jennifer says:

    Anyone who thinks its ok to hurt an animal needs mental help asap!

  18. Just Go says:

    Violence against animals is usually the first step before violence against humans.

    I sure hope this female thing doesn’t have or plan to have children because they cost WAAYYY more than a dog ever will and I can only imagine what awful things she’d do to a child that takes away from her clothing, dye job and accessory spending.

  19. mindnbody says:

    Even if this thing is given two years, that sentence does not equate the horrific nature of the crime. Besides, we all know it will be out well before the full sentence is served. And to the commentator who claims this is only a dog… what difference does it make….you’re only a human…and obviously one lacking compassion and understanding

  20. JJ says:

    This poor pup is the exact same breed as mine. Mine is now 6 years old. I hope this sickening excuse for a human being suffers her entire life for what she’s done. Her excuse for throwing this innocent 3-month old pup out of the car is pure shit. She’s a beast. I hope she can never have children. She’s a sick individual. POS.

  21. Ron Yapo says:

    It’s not this persons fault he couldn’t being mean because he’s trying to be a woman, but really he’s a transvestite.

  22. Susan says:

    People with no remorse for abusing animals will do the same to humans!

  23. Kimberly C. Stiver-Flores says:

    This Person should get the max penalties brought to her. This poor 2lb. little girl had no chance with the anger and abuse from this broad. This person should have her name flagged in every place an animal lives. Shame on you, Alsu your a threat to every animal out there. She should be banned from owning another animal, truly GOD was holding Charlotte, but what about the next pet she owns, it might not be so lucky. Thanks to the staff and everyone who helped save Charlotte, especially to the person who found Charlotte, GODBLESS YOU ALL

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