Alexandria Chery Body ‘Preliminarily Identified’ Awaiting DNA Results

August 5, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

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Alexandria Chery’s body has not yet been officially identified by a medical examiner. Florida officials, have given an update on the body found by two landscapers, they believed to be of missing teen Chery. According to the police, while the petite frame matches Chery’s and several items belonging to her were found on the scene, they are awaiting DNA test results to have a positive identification of the body. Meanwhile, Sanel Saint Simon, the prime suspect in the case made his first appearance in court on Monday where his bail was elevated to half a million dollars and was put on immigration hold. It is rumored that he sexually harassed Chery in the past.

Authorities from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, held a press conference on Monday morning to give an update on the Alexandria Fransa Chery case.

They said that while a body has been found, they have not made a positive identification as yet.

Captain Angelo Nieves revealed that two landscapers discovered a body near Osceola-Polk Line Road, which they assumed was the remains of an animal.

The two men said the body was badly decomposed and there were several vultures devouring it.

Nieves, went on to explain that while the body has a petite frame a la Chery and several personal items including her phone were found nearby, they have asked the Medical Examiner’s Office to perform DNA tests and compare dental records in order to have a positive identification.

It might take several days to get those results.

The Olympia High School student was last seen alive in her room on July 28, by her mother Rosalie Joseph at their home in the Hawthorne Grove Apartments lying in bed because she fell ill.

When Joseph came back from work, the teen was missing and the room smelled of bleach.

There was blood on the walls, on the girl’s teddy bears and all of her clothes were gone.

Alexandria Chery Body Sanel Saint Simon

Joseph’s live-in boyfriend Sanel Saint Simon was arrested two days later, after the police discovered bleach on his clothes and found his underwear under Chery’s bed.

Several witnesses also told police that they saw Saint Simon’s black Pontiac Grand Am, in the area where the remains were found (there was also blood in the vehicle).

On Monday, Sanel made his first court appearance where prosecutor Ryan Vescio (who worked on the Travon Martin case) asked that the suspect’s bail be upgraded to $500,000.

The 43-year-old is now facing felony charges for lying to police, destroying evidence and is also on immigration hold because Vescio believes that he may try to escape to his native country of Haiti.

Ryan Vescio stated that Saint Simon will be charged with murder, once Chery’s body has been identified by medical experts.

The missing teen’s uncle Ray Joseph is now revealing that she was afraid of Simon, because he acted creepy several times and molested her once in the past.

The man apparently touched Chery inappropriately on one occasion and when she told her mother about it, she decided not to call the police, instead she made sure to never leave the pair in the home unsupervised.

The night before she died, Chery was seen in church crying and asking God to help her.

Miss Joseph has been hospitalized several times since she lost her daughter.


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  1. Rascalflattsgirl says:

    Her mother is hospitalized? She should be ashamed of herself and jailed for being an unfit mother! I am so sick of women putting their own needs before their children. How can a mother be so damn horrible!!! May that beautiful child be at peace.

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