Alexander BOK: Cops Rough Up YouTube Prankster

December 31, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Alexander Bok, a well-known YouTube prankster, has learned the hard way not to mess around with New York police officers. Ellen DeGeneres recently dared viewers to film themselves dancing behind passersby, Alexander Bok decided to do just that, but was almost arrested by members of the New York Police Department, who threw him to ground and insulted him.

Alexander BOK

Alexander Bok was assaulted by New York cops because he was dancing behind them. Recently, the host of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, issued one of her famous dance dare where she asked members of her audience and viewers at home to show off their fancy feet behind random strangers. Ellen DeGeneres said:

“You have to sneak up behind perfect stranger, dance behind them without them knowing it and film it.”

On Christmas Day, Alexander Bok, who is a big fan of DeGeneres and PSY, decided to use the song “Gangnam Style” to complete the challenge. But an encounter with few Big Apple’s cops turned what was supposed to be a fun moment into a real nightmare for the YouTuber.

In the clip, which is entitled “Ellen Dance Dare (COPS GONE WRONG),” Alexander Bok also known as Alexander BOK, could be seen dancing behind travelers standing at Grand Central Terminal.

While most of the people were not aware that they were being pranked, one man did turn around and gave Bok a handshake, and shared some kind words with him.

Mr Bok also tried few laughable moves behind folks dinning at a fast food restaurant. The best moment of the video occurred mid-way through the prank when Bok was able to dance for more than 10 minutes behind a lady, who never saw him next to her.

But all did not go as planned, at some point Bok saw several NYPD officers standing next to their vehicle, and made the horrible mistake of dancing behind them.

Angered by the fact that a “weird” man was goofing around, one cop yelled:

“What’s wrong with you, bro?”

Another one demanded:

“What are you dancing in the street for?”

And a third officer insulted Bok, saying:

“Are you a fucking asshole?”

The men grabbed Bok, shoved him on the vehicle, interrogated him, and scolded him. When the authorities came to the conclusion that dancing was not a crime, they pushed Bok on the cement.

The drama starts around the 2:30 mark. The clip has gone viral and many people are asking, why did the cops act like that with Alexander Bok?

Examiner points out that NYPD cops are under a lot of pressure and stress at the moment, after the murder of two of their own; they might not be the best public for an Ellen “Dance Dare” right now.


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