Alexa PenaVega Bulimia Confession On ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Called Courageous By Fans

November 13, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Alexa PenaVega exited the 21st season of Dancing with the Stars by dropping a bombshell – she struggled with bulimia for numerous years. PenaVega’s husband, Carlos PenaVega, who is also competing on DWTS, took to Instagram to praise her bravery.

Alexa PenaVega

Alexa PenaVega is being praised by husband, Carlos PenaVega, and many others for being a strong Christian woman after she opened up about her six-year battle with bulimia.

Last night, Code Academy and Abandoned Mine actress showed off her fancy feet for the last time on Dancing with the Stars Season 21 – despite earning a perfect score, she was booted off because the votes were based on last week’s show.

It was a very emotional and personal performance for PenaVega, who danced with he partner, Mark Ballas, on a contemporary piece that he had choreographed to reflect her journey and struggle with bulimia. Mrs. PenaVega, who was at the bottom along with her husband, did an interview after her elimination where she confessed that she became bulimic after a movie producer told her she was too fat for a role when she was a child.

According to experts, bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that causes people to binge and purge. Bulimia is most common in individuals between the ages of 18 and 59 and may lead to substance abuse. The symptoms of the eating disorder are:

Excessive preoccupation with food and dissatisfaction with one’s body shape or weight
A compulsion to engage in extreme eating habits and unhealthy methods of weight control such as:
Fasting or binge-eating
Excessive exercise
Self-induced vomiting
Chewing and spitting or regurgitating food
Laxative, diuretic, or diet pill abuse.

PenaVega said it was a very difficult period of her life, but her faith and her family helped her through it. The 23 Blast star added:

“The one thing that I had always wanted was for someone to be real with me about that whole situation. You read textbooks and it’s just so, well, textbook. ‘This is how you get over bulimia.’ But it is so much deeper than that. I wish I’d had somebody who could have told me, ‘It’s scary.’ You struggle giving it up. You want to get rid of it but you struggle because, in a strange way, you enjoy it.”

Alexa PenaVega said she decided to go public because she hopes to inspire others with the eating disorder to get help. Ballas, who was very proud of his partner, said:

“I feel like it’s such a sensitive, tender issue. A lot of people are afraid or get uncomfortable talking about issues like this, but I think that it’s good to tackle the topic head on.”

Carlos PenaVega shared a sweet picture of his spouse with a touching message, which read:

“I am the luckiest man in the world. I would do anything for this woman. She gave it her all. She was brave. She was a positive light. Tonight she showed the world that she was not afraid of her past. The courage she gives me can not be matched. Alexa..You are my rock. You have given millions of people hope. You are a true woman of God and your love for Jesus is infectious! I’m so proud of you. So proud to be your husband.. And I am going to cuddle you so hard on this flight to NYC!!! Couldn’t stand a night without u!! Alexa I LOVE YOU!!! 🙂 #teambeaga #MarriedLifeRocks!”

For those battling bulimia, please call for help at 888.711.3065.

Oh. My. Gosh.

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