11-year-old Albino Buck Hunt: Gavin Dingman Kills Rare Deer In Michigan

October 21, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

11-year-old boy kills an albino buck, becomes a local star. The child has shot a rare albino deer in Michigan with a crossbow and the pictures of the young hunter are causing quite a stir. Gavin Dingman, from southeast Michigan has become an overnight celebrity, thanks to his trophy buck with many television networks offering he and his family, a reality show.

boy 11 rare albino deer michigan

Over the weekend, an 11-year-old boy named Gavin Dingman went hunting with his father, Mick Dingman in Michigan, and was able to kill the rare albino deer that they had been seeing for more than 2 years.

The photos of the Michigan boy next to the rare albino have gone viral and while many are applauding the kill, some are blasting both, father and son, for “murdering” such a beautiful animal.

The 11-year-old boy hunter has been interviewed by several local media outlets. The child revealed that many other hunters from Osceola Township were hoping to kill the buck, and he is happy that his father let him take the shot.

Gavin Dingman who attends Hartland Consolidated Schools said that he stood about 30 yards away from the rare albino deer and aimed his crossbow.

The 11-year-old future reality star explained that he was very nervous because he knew it was once in a lifetime accomplishment, so he turned to his father for advice. Gavin said:

“My dad was just like, ‘Take a deep breath. Are you sure you can take the shot? If you’re not 100 percent, we don’t want to injure it.’ “

Mick Dingman also spoke to the media and explained that his son has become a local star after killing the 3-year-old deer. The family has received numerous phone calls from television producers, who are eager to give them their own hunting reality series.

Other hunters from Michigan have contacted the 11-year-old to congratulate him for killing the rare albino deer. But not everyone is happy with the “11-year-old kills rare albino deer in Michigan” story.

Some folks are angry at the father for teaching his young child to kill innocent and rare animals. Others find the pictures of a child smiling next to a dead and bloody, rare deer that is born once in every 100,000 births, a bit disturbing.

Few are blasting the state of Michigan for making it legal to hunt rare albino deers.


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  1. moises says:

    good job u have good aim… but I would of pass on killing such an animal and im a deer hunter… sum u have to let go son..

    • MJ Evans says:

      Thank you for the common sense that this father obviously lacks. Seems his ego took over and he views his son as an extension of himself.

  2. Lyn Henderson says:

    This creature, rare as it was, had lived for years to acquire that rack and in an instant, an 11-year old boy puts an end to it. I think this is a shame. Nothing to be proud of at all.

  3. Jim says:

    Really sad to see that deer killed. Nothing to be proud of at all.

  4. Terri says:

    Why? Just why? He wasn’t being attacked. From the looks of his clothing and guns he can afford a meal…then, why?


  5. Marc says:

    Why is this celebrated?

    • Linda Jordan says:

      Marc, Celebrating rare animals as trophies goes back to the beginning of Man’ hunting. It is deeply ingrained in people who are close to ideology associated hunting for food. For a look at why it is not only OK to kill such an animal, but should be done read Walkers post. a few lines past yours.

  6. Mary says:

    Very disturbing – beautiful rare animal killed – nothing to be proud of at all.

  7. Paul B says:

    This is not something to be celebrated, the father should not be praising the son, he should be explaining why it is wrong to kill a rare animal.

  8. Satchmo says:

    Great Job young man on the rarest of rare trophies , I am a lifetime deer hunter, sportsman, and conservationist. Enjoy the meat, enjoy the mounted trophy in your den, and don’t pay any attention to the detractors. My wife, and three children all fish and hunt. We don’t buy any meat, we hunt and fish to supply our family with fresh, hormone free protein, and we grow 70-80% of our own vegetables and fruits. And no we aren’t barbarians, our family consist of two educators, a lawyer, a contractor, and an entrepreneur. Bottom line, good harvest, good luck in the future. God Bless.

  9. Pamela S says:

    yeah, let’s applaud a kid who shot an animal with no skill at all. It does not take a genius to hit an all white target. The poor deer was practically waving a flag.

    And to all the big game hunters applauding it. Hmmmm, maybe we should take you out for a hunting trip. You can be the game, see how you feel when you realize how easy of a target you are. Too many “hunters” out there do nothing but kill for a head on the mantle, and don’t consider the ramifications of what they are doing. Nothing says “neandrathal” than a deer, moose, elk head on the wall.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like a good hunt, but sensationalizing this is complete idiocy. And if they get a reality show based on them…good grief…who wants to see a family from…MICHIGAN?????

    • Devin says:

      Michigan there is nothing wrong with Michigan, Its one of the few states left were you can enjoy nature without the noise of city just because Michigan isn’t well known for being the biggest in that stuff don’t mean we don’t know how to be outdoors everyone I know hunts whether it be for the meat to feed there family or for the rush of taking down such a beautiful animal you hear about the poachers and how they cut the heads off and leave the rest to rot don’t mean all hunters and I bet you anything that your on your Iphone heading to your job in a cubical in New York City maybe if you went out in this thing called nature and got chance to not breathe in smog then you might start to see why we hunt so to all you city folks before judging us nature people you try and see what we see. sorry for that lack of periods but i have a fine Michigan hunt to go on.

      BTW stop acting like a bitch there nothing wrong with Michigan so f*ck off

  10. walker says:

    This is indeed a rare animal and killing it is the best for its species. White deer that are not supposed to be white, are mutations. They have inferior genes and should not be allowed to propogate. White deer, spotted deer (NOT fawns), deer with one set of horns, etcetra, are all lacking something in the gene pool, most likely due to excessive in-breeding. These animals should be disposed of as soon as possible for obvious reasons. Good job in killing this mutation. Too bad it took so long, hopefully the white buck didn’t do too much harm to the local gene pool–the results should show up soon or already have, these animals need to be disposed of also.

    • Linda Jordan says:

      Finally, some one with the right information. But, just saying that it weakens the gene pool, is not sufficient to educate the PC bleeding hearts. Animals with defects (even beautiful) can subject an entire population(in this case deer) to lowered disease resistance, and other problems that would make them less able to survive, such as passing on male fertility, but having females born sterile, and they wouldn’t even have to be white either.

      • pat allen says:

        Another case of” Man knowing more than God”, who created this creature. I believe nature takes the preordained course intended and has done so since the creation. Our help is not needed to prevent “other problems that would make them less able to survive”.

        • Dustin says:

          This has nothing to do with “Man knowing more than God”, so what your saying is no precautions should ever been taken for anything? Remember that the next time you hop into your crash-tested vehicle and attach that safety belt designed as a precaution to make you more likely to survive, because GOD will ensure the preordained course will remain on track. Maybe God’s preordained course is to give man reasoning enough to eliminate these ‘mutated’ creatures to prevent a larger impact on the population. Not trying to bash on your beliefs, but don’t force them on others. Keep the bible thumping to a minimum please.

          • pat allen says:

            My statement was about “Man knowing more than God” not about you knowing more than me. Talk about forcing beliefs on someone!

        • Laura King says:

          well obviously “our help” is needed or there would not be “deer seasons”. we have those seasons to cut down on the population of that specific animal.

      • peter huston says:

        You two supposed gene specialists are dead wrong. The color of that deer does nothing to change the gene pool you ignorant hillbillies. Ask any lobstermen here in the much better armed and more rural hunting state I live in. Killing that deer was an ego rush, as is most hunting. And since you all seem to be breeders, you do so much more damage taking habitat than in the shooting, the latter is almost a joke. real hunters track and shoot from long distance. Punks and amateurs drive,flush ,bait,hound,trap and tree stand.

  11. MARIE says:


    • Laura King says:

      how can you call a child an idiot?? you idiot! and why don’t you read up on the facts of that genetically mutated animal and see just how rare it is…

      • Giada says:

        Kids can’t be idiots? Is that what you’re saying? He killed a beautiful rare animal for fun. That might constitute an idiot and so might you if you think it doesn’t.

  12. Noumea says:

    Is that truly something to be proud of? get a life rather than take one

  13. RY says:

    To the people who comment on this who hunt and don’t hunt how can you not say good job to this young man!… if you all realize that deers are extremely over populated in many areas around the US due to people not hunting anymore which in turn causes them to become sick which in turn causes other animals to become sick who eat the deer! if we dont kill the ones who are sick like this deer more will become sick and you will no longer be able to eat them. o0o and by the way you wont be saying poor dear when you hit one on the highway or back road and it kills you or one of your children or wife! think about it!!! and one more then if shit hits the fan and you cant go to the grocery store for food dont come asking for some of mine that i hunted for 🙂

    • Stewart Palmer says:

      DAMN, How stupid can anyone be

      • jamey says:

        I hunted all my life, looks like the father is a great teacher. If my son would have killed that deer you all would not be running your mouth. The only reason yall are running your mouth is because you are hidding behind a comp. Most of you are stupied tree hugging girls and guys that should have been girls…bunch of queer faggets rabbit lovers

  14. george Dunn says:

    I am a aviad hunter but I have always made it a point not to distroy that that I have seen in the Wild.
    It’s a bloody shame.

  15. Stewart Palmer says:

    This is fu&ked up. Why does anyone have to KILL an animal that is so rare. Why can’t it just be left to run the woods so that other hunters and wildlife people enjoy such a thing of beauty. Wouldn’t a photograph be just as much of an accomplishment as KILLING it and allow others to enjoy his beauty.

  16. Don Smith says:

    His father is a poor sportsman. There is plenty of deer out there to hunt and kill. Why not protect such a beautiful creature for a true sportsman to enjoy such a rare sight for many years to come. I hope that they reflect after each bite the damage that. has been taken away from the great outdoors. A picture should have sufficed. After 71 years of hunting and fishing in South Louisanna I have pasted up many a good shot and released many beautiful fish and left with great memories along with a picture to show everybody knowing that someone else could enjoy the pleasure that I enjoyed. Shame on both of them!!

    • MJ Evans says:

      That’s because your moral compass is working. This father missed an opportunity to teach his son a great lesson in life.

  17. Laura King says:

    you ppl are basically bullying this poor child. let him enjoy his moment. he put food in his freezer and got a beautiful life long memory from it. they have deer season for a reason, deer are over populated. he done you a favor, its just one less out there you will hit and total your car or make you wreck and kill you or some one else.

  18. MJ Evans says:

    How sad to celebrate the death of a rare animal. Too bad you blew a chance to teach your son a life lesson of compassion and restraint. BTW I was born and raised in michigan and my family hunts but this is just wrong.

  19. Craig says:

    Outstanding. This deer, aside from being unique, will feed this family and provide a lifetime memory for this avid hunting family. The recessive albino mutation will continue to occur in nature as it has for all time. Get over the fact that it is a white deer, there will be more. Do not use this forum to bully this family or make absurd or ignorant statements.

  20. Katya59 says:

    I just don’t want yet another “reality” show, ugh.
    I work in a Nursing home, can I have a reality show?

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