Alaskan Bush People Charged: Stars Of Reality Show Charged

October 23, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Alaskan Bush People charged with fraud and felony theft. The Brown family who is famous for their reality series, Alaskan Bush People on the Discovery Channel, illegally obtained more than $13,000 in dividend money, between 2010 and 2013.

Alaskan Bush People Charged

On October 3rd, six stars of reality series, Alaskan Bush People, were charged with a total of 60 counts of first-degree unsworn falsification, first and second-degree theft.

According to the documents filed at the Superior Court in Juneau, the Brown family composed of Billy, Ami and their seven children, submitted erroneous applications for the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend, between 2010 and 2013.

The Alaska Permanent Fund dividend also known as PFD is money giving annually to Alaska residents, who have lived within the state for a full calendar year. The PFD, which was established by Governor Jay Hammond in 1976:

“was designed to be an investment where at least 25% of the oil money would be put into a dedicated fund for future generations, who would no longer have oil as a resource.”

In 2010, each resident received $1,281, the following year $1,174, the year after that it was $878 and in 2013, it was $900. The stars of Alaskan Bush People, who once lived in Chitina, did not meet PFD requirements when they obtained the money.

According to the state, residents who are incarcerated, or have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, are not eligible for the permanent fund.

The Office of Special Prosecutions would not say if the Browns fell in one, or several of the categories above, between 2010 and 2013. The Brown patriarch faces 24 felony counts and is accused of illegally obtaining more than $13,080 in dividend checks.

Others facing charges include, 51-year-old Amora Brown, Joshua Brown, 30, Solomon Brown, 27, Gabriel Brown, 24, and Noah Brown, 22. The Brown family who recently saw their home/boat sink, will have their day in court on November 4.

Ask about the Alaskan Bush People drama, Sean Martin, director of communications at Discovery Channel, declined to comment. Rumors are stating that the show may get canceled because the current situation is bad for the network in terms of PR.


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  1. Susie Cross says:

    Please, please renew them. I love their show! They are innocent until proven guilty!

  2. Mike says:

    Thought so. Seemed to take advantage of situations.

  3. Karyn says:

    Until proven guilty, bring them back they are good clean no baling family, bring them back!!!!!!!

  4. george bush jr says:

    more crazy repulkins. these hillbilly’s should be shot numerous times…just sayin

  5. Pondo Sinatra says:

    This most likely was a mistake. Residents in Alaska receive those payments. Ignorance is their only crime

    • Woody Weir says:

      And they ARE ignorant. If ignorance was a crime, they would all be locked up. Along with anyone who believed half of the BS they spouted.

      • Alaskan Islander says:

        Then I guess you would be in that line up to be locked up as well. Ignorance has it’s way of showing it’s ugly little head and you sure are showing yours’.

    • CAthrillseekers says:

      Ignorance is a crime. That is like you speeding down the road saying you didn’t know the speed limit was 45 vs 55. They signed the documents reporting their status. If they didn’t take the time to read it is their fault.

  6. notaredneck says:

    These people and their supporters are just so full of feces.

  7. I Art Laughing says:

    If a Brown’s lips are moving they are lying (and accosting your ears with their terrible “accent”). They couldn’t hack the cold and did nothing but lie about the Copper River Valley. Now it appears that they can have Alaskan Bush People/Orange is the New Black reality television show. That is if the prison will allow filming.

  8. Tricia says:

    Why can’t they just pay it back now? They must have income from the series.

  9. Laura says:

    I read they were due in court yesterday June 15, 2015. Anyone know if they went and what the outcome is?

    • AlaskaJimJames says:

      Laura …. it was postponed to January 1, 2016

      I think DC is trying really hard to spin the felony charges of this con-man and his clan so they can film it on their show. From all I have heard and have seen written about Billy and how he has screwed and used many people all over Alaska and in Texas – he deserves what he gets. The shame of it is …. his kids will have to pay for his bad guidance. Its just a matter of time before all the “scoundrel” incidents really surface about him. He’s used his kids (his cute little kids) for years to dupe people out of thousands of dollars and tons of help – because he didn’t want to work. It looks like he is trying to connect his real – old life style to the new one “created” on the show. I guess time will tell!

      • cliff c says:

        my best friend was the same least he was honest enough to say how lazy he was.for him to use his kids the way he does it like his little supply of slaves.he’s always hurt or sick.and whats up with the way they talka.I don’t know what you meana.cant even teach your kids how to talk.much less hunt.but who doesn’t like watching comedy.why do they always act like there so shit is al

        ways better.Now go brush your teetha

  10. Harriet Tubman says:

    Why are we so hard on the common man but haven’t demanded that the white collar criminals on Wall Street and thieving corporate America along with our resigned congressional representatives pay back the millions of dollars they have and continue to rip the average American off for – we’re paying for their stock market Ponzi schemes, we’re paying for their employees’ medical care which used to be their responsibility, we’re enriching them with the lives of our children as they use war as yet another money-making tool, they don’t pay their fair share of taxes, on and on. Yet a funky little family gets a few extra dollars that the IRS can’t get ahold of and many act like the world is coming to an end. No wonder they want to live in the bush – “civilization” doesn’t seem to have anything of value to offer!

  11. J.D. says:

    Why isn’t this show on the comedy network. It’s too funny to be taken seriously.

  12. rl0tgrl says:

    Everyone was SO happy to post all over the internet that they were charged with all kinds of stuff and had court in June 2015 but I haven’t heard a thing about the outcome and I can’t find anything online about it. I find it disheartening that people are so dang hateful. The Kardashian’s make millions off of people watching them and people run out and spend money on crap they endorse, but a show in which a family is trying to stick together, who look as though they’ve had it hard in the past and want to settle down somewhere gets attacked. The comments I have seen about their looks and how they talk are just ignorant. To me they look like the average person. Not everyone has perfect teeth and yes there are close families. Someone said something about Obamacare in a blog for braces…really? It may be required insurance but as many Americans are finding out they are covered but can’t afford the copays and a lot of things like braces are not covered. I like it that they aren’t another rich family throwing around money to no end. It’s sad when today we have children starving and homeless in the USA and families like the K’s are millionaires because we tune in every week. I wonder if the K’s do anything for the less fortunate? Kris Jenner pimps her children out, we glorify Kim K yet she is famous for having sex and letting the world see it( I won’t even go into her hubby’s delusional issues with himself . I mean he said he was the next Jesus or something), and now the father gets awarded for changing his sex…yet OMG the Alaskan Bush People have a tv show, how dare they!! Wth is wrong with people? Anyhow, does ANYONE know the outcome of their court date? If I don’t hear anything about it I’m going to chalk it up to haters hating and anything else negative about them the same because it seems like there has been no proof of anything. If they were such crappy people so many wouldn’t tune in on Friday nights to see how they were doing. To the Brown family if you do get on the internet and read blogs like this my family LOVES watching you guys!! My kids are always asking if we can go to Alaska to meet you! Ignore the negative jealous crap and know that a lot of Americans are rooting for ya!

  13. Marian Wright says:

    I have written 3 letters to Gabriel Brown and he has NOT received any of them His dad, I am thinking, will NOT let him have them because he dont really want his boys to have a woman. That wud complicate things. The dating thing is just to satisfy the public. Gabriel has a registered letter waiting for him at The Hoonah Post Office. It has been there for a month. I need for him TO RECEIVE IT.

  14. AlaskaJimJames says:

    Marion …. I’m sure you are reading the situation right. I think Billy has had such control over his family for so long – that even his boys see finding a mate/woman as a “duty” to please their parents. They seem to accept it like it’s acquiring a new tool or something like that. The boys don’t seem to be emotionally ready for a step like this at all in their lives. They are just reacting to the wishes of their parents. And of course Billy “only” wants it the way he sees it should be. I don’t see any intelligent, spirited or adventurous woman wanting to settle down in a tent or shack in Brown Town. Good luck to you! The boys need to leave – see the world – and grow up. Maybe together (?) Anyway this is my viewpoint!

  15. Tom says:

    I’m sure times are tough in Alaska just like everywhere. So the guy lied to get a few bucks to support the family. I know a 20 yr old with 3 kids who gets back over 4 thousand a year along with free rent , food stamps and she hasn’t worked a day in her life. Except maybe on her back :}

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