ABC Cancels Selfie: New TV Show Canceled After 6 Episodes

November 11, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

ABC cancels Selfie and fans of the new romantic comedy series are not happy about it. ABC cancelled Selfie after just six episodes.

ABC Cancels Selfie

ABC cancels Selfie, but the show will continue to air new episodes for few more weeks. Selfie had a lot of things going for it, but one obstacle proved to be the key in its demise. Selfie canceled, it is time to ask, where did it all go wrong?

On the plus side, Selfie had very likeable stars in John Cho and Karen Gillan. Cho who made a name for himself thanks to the Harold & Kumar films is well liked, but he has not been very lucky when it comes to television.

The 42-year-old actor has seen his TV shows get canceled one after the other. Cho was part of series like Go On and FlashForward that never made it past the first season. Some of his fans are hoping that he may now return to Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, where he previously appeared in seven episodes.

Scottish actress Karen Gillan was mostly known until now for her work on BBC’s Doctor Who, and movies like Oculus and Guardians of the Galaxy. Cho and Gillan are not huge stars, but their background was solid enough to help the show survive.

Selfie was created by the very talented Emily Kapnek who was also behind the critically-acclaimed ABC sitcom Suburgatory. Additionally, the name of the series was also a good selection. It does not get better than this in terms of marketing and branding.

Initial reviews were above average, decent enough to leave the program grow and eventually find its audience. Despite those good things, Selfie had one big problem, its time slot. Tuesday night is not a good place to launch a new sitcom with no strong lead-in.

The ratings quickly confirmed this theory. 0.9 in adults 18-49 for the first two episodes was extremely disappointing for the alphabet network. The premiere received more than 5 millions viewers, but the numbers have been declining since.

ABC cancels Selfie, fans have taken to social media to express their anger and frustration. For example, the #SaveSelfie hashtag is very popular on Twitter. Some commentators also think that a show with an Asian lead and about an interracial couple deserved a bit more time to find a public. Diversity is rare on television, although things have been moving in the right direction.

Selfie joins Manhattan Love Story, Bad Judge and A To Z in the list of canceled shows for this season. It was announced that new episodes will be airing through November 25, but it is not yet clear what will happen to the four remaining installments after that.

ABC cancels Selfie, what say you?


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  1. Mari says:

    This show was very promising, it needed to stay on a bit longer.

  2. Cathy says:

    That really sucks that they are cancelling a show like this. I found it to be really funny and it related to the current issues we have now a days with social media, texting, and being disconnected to people. Its a shame that the show will not be continueing there could have been such great lessons taught here with a side of humor.

  3. Bobbie says:

    I Loved this show! Modern day My Fair Lady! I don’t get why delude is cancelled but Two Broke Girls is a hit……WHAT!

  4. Audra says:

    I have said before if another show that I like was cancelled I would stop watching the station!I am so done!Maybe the station wants a show with more violence and sex!God forbid u keep a nice funny decent show on the air!Like I said I am done!

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