Aaron Rush Bike Thief Note Goes Viral

August 11, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Aaron Rush Bike Thief

London student, Aaron Rush, wrote an epic note to a bike thief and it went viral. Rush who had his bike stolen, took to Twitter where he unveiled the hilarious letter that he wrote to the thief who got away with his means of transportation. Rush revealed to the thief that he is poor, can not afford a new bike and warned the individual that he will get arrested because there is a tracker on the bicycle.

Last week, Aaron Rush had his bike stolen while it was securely parked at Kings Langley station in Hertfordshire, England.

The Dystopia radio manager filed a police report, but he was told it could take up to four weeks before they even begin to look at his case.

Upon realizing that London authorities do not view his missing bike as a priority, the marketing expert took matters into his own hands.

On his Twitter and Instagram accounts, the music, cupcake and animal lover (see his adorable dog below that just turned 12) uploaded an interesting note he wrote to the bike thief.

The 23-year-old Briton said while he believes that his insurance company should cover the cost of the bike, he will do all that he can to get it back.

The note to the criminal opened with, “Dear Douchebag Bike Thief.”

Rush went on to explain that on Tuesday night, when he found out after a hard day’s work that his mode of transport had vanished, he was very angry.

But while he was filling the police report, the cyclist encountered some great news, the man who stole his prize possession was caught on camera.

He warned the burglar, return the bike by the end of the week and it will all be forgotten, otherwise expect a visit from the authorities soon.

The new graduate gave the criminal one extra bit of info that should push him to give back what he took, the bike has tracker installed in it, which means that it will be easily located.

Aaron Rush Bike Thief Pic

Mr Rush said that this is not the first bike that was taken from him, but this grey Giant is special.

He has had it for numerous years and has spent countless hours fixing and personalizing it.

The Englishman said since posting the note on the bike rack, he has gotten many positive remarks (some people have been talking about raising money on Twitter to get him a new bike) but the bike is still missing.

He did also confess that he lied about the tracker.


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