Nike 9-Year-Old Shirt Drama Is Bad PR

August 5, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

9 Year Old Shirt Nike Pic

9-year-old shirt drama is bad PR for Nike. The company says it is not that serious, some say otherwise. When Nike does not approve of your 9-year-old son’s shirt selection, it will let you know about it, whether you like it or not. In November, Ethan Fisher, 9, ran to his father Jimbo for a hug after the Florida versus Miami game wearing a non Nike shirt. The hug was caught on camera and Nike immediately sent out an email kindly asking that the Under Armour shirt be banned from the child’s wardrobe.

9-year-old Ethan Fisher, is no longer allowed (unofficially of course) to wear non Nike clothes, at public events with his father and head coach of Florida State Jimbo Fisher.

On November 2nd 2013, the Miami Hurricanes took on the Florida State Seminoles for an intense two-hour match in Tallahassee, Florida.

Florida State picked up an impressive 41-14 victory and to celebrate, 9-year-old Ethan Fisher, ran in Doak Campbell Stadium to give his father coach Jimbo Fisher a congratulatory hug.

The special moment between the father and son was caught by ABC cameras and it went viral.

Ethan, who is suffering from a rare blood disorder called Fanconi anemia was sporting an FSU sweatshirt made by Under Armour while he was on the field with his dad.

Moments after the big win Florida State administrator, Monk Bonasorte received and eye popping email from Mark Dupes, Assistant Director Football Sports Marketing at NIKE INC.

In the message, Bonasorte was asked to talk to the coach about removing Ethan’s Under Armour FSU sweatshirt from his closet and to make sure that no other wardrobe incidents occur in the future.

When questioned on the matter Bonasorte tried to laugh it off saying that Nike, which makes US$25.3 billion a year was not being mean and they were just joking.

The Fisher family did not want to comment on the story, but from that day on, Ethan Fisher appeared at every game sporting the Nike brand and so did his older brother Trey who is famous for his interviews and memorable handshakes with the football players.

Below are few pictures of Fisher, his wife Candi, 9-year-old Ethan (in a Ralph Lauren shirt instead of Nike – expect them to get an email soon) and Trey promoting their Kidz 1st Fund organization, which raises awareness and money for researchers looking for a cure and better treatments for Fanconi anemia.


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